Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Heads must roll for Uri

1) Congrats for the new layout of TheCitizen.

2) Found another great read, confirming what many us have known for months now.

3) Because Pakistan are masters at extracting by  negotiation what they cannot achieve through warfare, PM Modi would be wise not to engage with them diplomatically.

4) Because unfortunately our PM is from Gujarat where massive and vital industrial complexes are being foolishly concentrated to suit a few crony capitalists, the Pakis know they can now yank our chain with impunity and all the talk of Sindhustan is so much guff to feed our lumpens with.

5) Because Doval''s tall promise ('joomla') to eliminate / bring back Dawood and Hafeez Saeed within the year is exposed, it seems the only head rolling will be Namo's in 2019 (or earlier).


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