Sunday, November 28, 2010

Re: [HumJanenge] CIC Habibullah's corrupt decision on Narmada Dam

Dear Suresh

There are several reasons, let me list them

1) HumJanenge family (and despite what you may have been given to
believe, I never left it) now has a website. http//

2) I believe that many of the old emails/posts of early days of RTI
should be brought into public domain, so that we (and next generation
of activists) do not repeat the mistakes of the past (reinvent the

3) The philosophy of the HumJanenge website is (as published)
"To expose and remove all obstacles to the RTI movement such as
corrupt Information Commissioners and fake RTI NGOs like the NCPRI. "
To this end, such mails will be necessary.

4) During his term as CIC, Mr Habibullah corruptly allowed his
personal office (ie. C'IC office) to be used as a post-box by Aruna
Roy and Shekhar Singh and some others. They used to send him emails,
and he used to forward them under his hand/letterhead to various Govt

5) How / Why I became a 3rd party is covered under 8(1)(a) "national,
scientific, economic security". It is pertinent that another member
of the 3 member Ministers Committee (in PMO) had also phoned
Habibullah previously instructing that report was NOT to be given to
those h***is under national security and my 3rd party intervention was
to be considered fully, but they got Sonia Gandhi's PS to instruct Soz
to fax it to them the previous night at NCPRI's fax number, but it
came out indistinct, so they had to hand over a copy outside
Habibullah's chamber before the meeting.


On 11/28/10, suresh nangia <> wrote:
> Dear Sarabjit
> The significance of this mail relating to the year 2006 being put on
> rti board after over 4 years, is not clear.Further, it is also not clear
> as to how you became the 3rd Party in a case matter of information relating
> to the 3 Member Ministerial Committee Report on SSP.
> Could you please elucidadte

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