Monday, November 29, 2010

[RTI INDIA] Re: A Minor's Right to Information

Try teaching this kind of voodoo law to a judge like CJ Mukul Mudgal
and see how they respond ! In the case I cited Mr Wadhwa was
apparently a DGP of Police and can be been presumed to know more
law than you.

The Moral: section 22 RTI Act does not repeal any other law. If
there is some glaring contradiction then of course section 22 will
over-ride such other previous law to the extent of the inconsistency.
RTI Act is a general law, there are many special laws (like
Census Act) which deal with info handling and disclosure in their
own ways / domains.


On Nov 30, 8:22 am, Abhimanyu <> wrote:
> Dear sarbajit.
> in applying for passport many issues are involved hence a child has no right
> to apply on his own . but in RTI you are only seeking information . how to
> use thast information later on may need help of adults .
> but the basic question " do child have right to RTI?? yes he has .
> can i 5 year old drive car on roads even if father is sitting next to him
> ??? no no he cannot . so presence of father / gardian cannot give few rights
> to a child .
> for every different task RIGHTS are different . you cannot equate one kind
> of situation with other .
> for RTI there is only one condition "information seeker MUST be an indian
> citizen". thats all .

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