Saturday, November 27, 2010

Re: [RTI INDIA] Fwd: Our apology to HumJanenge family members

Dear Anil

I always known about your associations with HJ, Prakash Kardaley etc. I know you
to be a well wisher to all parties.

Nobody has hacked HJ-YG.
Nobody has requested members of HJ-YG to subscribe to HJ-GG.

What has happened is that many (not all) email IDs from HJ-YG have been copied to HJ-GG.
There are many reasons for this which Vishal can explain better. But let me say that the prime reasons why this development occurred is due to the

a) Prominent publication of Arvind Kejriwal's photo on HJ-YG homepage
b) Removal of late Prakash Kardaley's photo, and downgrading of Prakash Kardaley's role on the HJ-YG homepage.
c) Erratic, arbitrary and confused moderation policy at HJ-YG where posts get stuck up for
weeks and 50% of messages are rejected on frivolous grounds..

Once these 3 irritants are sorted out, there should be no problem in the HJ family and 'all is well" shall resume.


On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 1:15 AM, Anil kumar <> wrote:
Dear  Roy,
I knew Late Prakash Kardaley very well and he used to contact me over  phone and discuss lot of issues on RTI and I was also present at the Pune convention of RTI Activist. 
I don't agree with you regarding hacking and hijacking HJ group on the pretex of closing HJ Yahoo groups and requesting members of HJ Yahoogroups to subscrible to googlegroups. I didn't expect a person like you to carry out this operation of fooling RTI community.
With regards,

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