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Dear All, I view atrocities on RTI Users from an entirely different perspective. That is from a social perspective in India. For thousands of years, atrocities have been committed on socially and economically weaker section of the society by the predominant section in India. This has been perpetuated in an unabated manner even in independent India also. However, that has not been effectively countered by the non-vocal weakest section of the society due to serious resource crunch due total lack of social support since predominant section was not affected. In this regard, references from the media news, from RTI data that I collected, from Annual Reports of Oil PSus, and from my emails to GOI authorities are placed below . Now, what has started happening in the RTI era is that the atrocities are being committed on the RTI users representing all sections of the society albeit atrocities being in a different form. However, the RTI users, belonging to all sections of the society including from the well-to-do even traditionally influential section, is strongly feeling the pinch and is fighting back well because their fundamental rights are seriously getting encroached upon. They are highly perturbed, anguished and strongly conveying their resentment and fighting back unlike in the past. Though it is a perpetual tug-of-war the fight is between unequal, the State having enormous resources dominating power that it prefers to abuse, the happenings are bound to have gradual good impact on improvement in the system, improving transparency in Govt working and improving accountability of administration towards the citizens. And, the resultant unintended beneficiary of this great silent revolution involving citizens from all walks of life in India is likely be the socially economically disadvantaged section of the society despite continuing sinister efforts of the dominating section to find ways means to increase secrecy in the working to have more more discretionary powers (the biggest fraud of the Century being liberalisation of economy) to continue their dominance in politics, in bureaucracy and in judiciary including at Information Commissions. Regards, -- (Babubhai Vaghela)

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