Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Re: Re: [HumJanenge] CIC Habibullah's corrupt decision on Narmada Dam

Dear All
It is some thing unusual, a challange to the male society by
the so called Lesbians.
It is a challange to the social values, a society in which
husband & wife and children live. It is also a challenge to
motherhood, by Lesbians.
There would be no more child birth in Lesbian women.
It is a challenge to human values, philosophy of karma
theory of give & take, share love affection.
As seema misra wrote:
Proud to be called a FEMINIST LESBIAN LAWYER.
She said Good bye to all those. She also have no intention
of interacting anymore with obscene men.
Seema Misra also dislike many more men.
Is it not hatred to the men hood ?
May be that Seema had a bad experience with male society.
As she is a Hindu(if not converted to other religion), on
every birth, one has to carry Prarabdh Karma.
She can can not circumvent the karma theory of give & take.
May be that she do not want children.
But may be when she along with her lesbian friend get
older, she may need some one to help her in their old age.
In Indian Society every family want male child to run the family.
But many families have only female child, but they accept
the truth and remain happy till end of their life and if they get a
good son in law, they still feel happy.
I do not know, how other members of this group accept what
Seema Mishra has said. I do not want that overnight seema may change
her decision, but I want to share only my views and experience, which
I gained by meeting more and more lesbians during my stay in western
God may bless Seema Mishra
Dr JN Sharma

On 11/30/10, Ashok Kumar <imaka@in.com> wrote:
> In today's world where emancipated women are rubbing shoulders with
> "obscene" men, demands for special courtesies/considerations are genuinely
> out of place. The obscene men should be taken headon. Original message
> From:"sroy 1947"< sroy1947@gmail.com >Date: 30 Nov 10 17:21:42Subject: Re:
> [HumJanenge] CIC Habibullah's corrupt decision on Narmada DamTo:
> humjanenge@googlegroups.comLady Macbeth: "OUT damn spot, OUT I say !!Another
> brilliant legal analysis1) That the NCPRI are the biggest F****rs of the RTI
> movement2) That they dumped their load (hereinafter called "wad") intoCIC's
> official email ID.3) That CIC dumped the aforesaid wads (after suitable hand
> manipulations)upon other agencies of Govt.4) That the manipulated wads were
> conveyed in envelopes5) That another name for envelope is condom6) That
> hence I have reason to suspect CIC to be a condom vending machinefor the
> NCPRI.QEDOn Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 1:34 PM, seema misrawrote:> Proud to be
> Good bye . have no intention of interacting anymore with obscene men.>
> Seema Misra>Dear humjanenge! Get Yourself a cool, short @in.com Email ID
> now!

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