Monday, November 29, 2010

Re: [RTI INDIA] Fwd: [rti-times] CIC recommends draft DoPT RTI Rules scrap application fee

Taking about court, when no other quasi judicial authorities charge more than Rs.50/- (or Rs.100/- as the case maybe) for any petition / appeal, I fail to understand the high fee of Rs.250/- for an appeal with the Commission with no option for payment of costs ???

Manoj Pai

--- On Mon, 11/29/10, sroy 1947 <> wrote:

> From: sroy 1947 <>
> For compulsory penalty. Best decision so far is Delhi High
> Court in
> Muzub-ur-Rehman's case - use it. When Hon'ble Court has
> spoken who am
> I to say anything ?
> Sarbajit

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