Sunday, November 28, 2010

Re: [RTI INDIA] Fwd: [rti-times] CIC recommends draft DoPT RTI Rules scrap application fee

I fear, that may create a bidding war if appellants are allowed to pay(bid) for how much they can pay & what services they want in return !

What about lesser mortals  ?


On 29 November 2010 04:55, C K Jam <> wrote:
I am willing to pay Rs. 500.00 per second appeal (and even a complaint) provided:

1. The penalty under Sec 20(1) is made mandatory in every case
    (If no penalty, the IC is fined Rs 25,000)
2. The appellant / complainant is made a party to the the penalty proceedings in each and every case
3. The ICs do not keep any appeal / complaint pending beyond 90 days of receipt in SIC/CIC
    (For every day delay in the hearing beyond 90 days - the IC pays Rs. 50 per day to the appellant)
4. The time limit to pronounce an order, after the hearing is completed, is clearly specified. For each day of delay beyond the specified time, the IC pays Rs. 100 per day to the applicant.
5. The fees collected by the SIC/CIC do not go towards the payment of salaries and other benefits of the ICs - the government appointed them, let the government pay them. Why should I pay someone and also suffer him/her ?
6. Retirement age of ICs should be 58 years. 
7. Just like other retired persons, retired IC only get pension - no other perquisites.
7. No retired Babus are brought in to work as the SIC/CIC staff/officers.

I am also willing to pay Rs. 100 per first appeal, provided:

1. Penalty of Rs. 100 per day on the FAA for every day delay in conducting hearing beyond mandated 30 days

In short I will pay, provided the IC and the FAA are also responsible for what they do (in most cases what they do not do).


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