Thursday, October 28, 2010

Re: [HumJanenge] HumJanenge a nest of haramis

A gentleman has used very gentle language
I personally Sending my Greetings to our friend for such a nice PARLIAMENTARIAN labguage

Bimal Khemani
RTI activist

--- On Thu, 28/10/10, sroy1947 <> wrote:

From: sroy1947 <>
Subject: [HumJanenge] HumJanenge a nest of haramis
To: "HumJanenge RTI India Right to Information Act 2005" <>
Date: Thursday, 28 October, 2010, 1:17 PM

Dear Mr. Owner / Moderator HumJanenge

I am aggrieved that I have not been unsubscribed from this group. It
is a trivial mater for me to unsubscribe myself, but I require you to
do so as an acknowledgment of my grievance.

I reiterate that Humjanenge is a nest of haramis, and I want to have
nothing to do with this group. I strongly object to your posting
messages I have posted to this group without my permission.

It is groups such as Humjanenge which are responsible for the mess
that RTI is in today. You f***ers are the ones responsible for getting
one of India's most corrupt citizens appointed as an IC. The entire
CommonWealth Games ghotala could only be facilitated because he was
handpicked to be the Information Commissioner responsible for Delhi
Government and also its PWD (Public Works) division.

That this particular individual has repeatedly demonstrated his
inherent corruptibility is demonstrated by messages posted to the HJ
group where he calls for proceedings of the Central Information
Commission to be

A) conducted without the farce of having an open hearing
B) If not, then oral submissions to be restricted to 7 minutes by the
C) Orders to be dictated in advance by professional "appraisers" who
are paid Rs.200 per case. and so on.

This is exactly what that HJ M**F**r has being doing in the last 2
years sitting in Delhi.

If any 'mai ka laal' disputes this, please read message no.13188 on
HJ(yahoo) archives and reads his comments like this.

"If there is a need to observe the farce of a hearing, as per the so-
called principles of 'natural justice' enshrined in a Supreme Court
judgement, about 60 matters could be disposed on
one day and a farcical 'hearing' held, as is done in certain courts. "

Until you unsubscribe me, I shall carry on posting more messages like
this, so F*** you too.


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