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[rti_india] What RTI has brought out is that Rogue Rascal Corrupt Crook persons have been posted at Key Positions, allowed their criminal activities & rewarded even after retirement.."Padma awardee part of fake institute run by IIT-Kgp prof".. [2 Attachments]

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Dear Dr Manmohan Singh,

What RTI, though smothered by well-planned evil designs, has brought out is that the Rogue Rascal Corrupt Crook persons have been posted at Key Positions, they have been allowed to merrily continue their criminal activities by abusing position and then rewarded even after their retirement.

However, this is dead against the  common man unduly made to suffer and not in the interest of the country or in the interest of mankind. It must stop and competent / ethical persons must be encouraged for India to develop not only achieve, (cancerous) economic growth.

The persons who have committed crimes must be punished expeditiously in exemplary manner to show that the rule of law is going to be implemented  and the victims are also going to be compensated fast.


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Padma awardee part of fake institute run by IIT-Kgp prof
30 Oct, 2010 0425hrs IST TNN[ Akshaya Mukul ]

NEW DELHI: The tale of the fake institute promoted by IIT-Kharagpur teachers is getting curosier by the day. Documents in possession of TOI shows that two former directors — K L Chopra and S K Dube — were patronising the Institution of Electrical Engineers (India) (IEE)(I).

K L Chopra, a former director of IIT-Kharagpur and Padma Shri awardee, ironically, heads the Society for Scientific Values that promotes ethics and holds a slew of other exalted posts. He is the chairman of Board of Governors, NIT, Bhopal; and an adviser to the Jaypee Group. 

As a director of IIT-Kharagpur between 1987 and 1997, Chopra went to the extent of certifying that "syallabi of the Associate Membership Examination of the Institution of Electrical Engineers are accepted at par with electrical engineering degree ie BE/B Tech, thus it is recognized compositively and affiliated professionally by the IIT, Kharagpur, under the authorized signatory of director, IIT, Kharagpur and being an adviser of the IEE." Chopra said graduate of IEE is "authorized and eligible to appear in GATE examination for an admission in M Tech/MS." 

Incidentally, this letter was written on December 24, 1996, and a few days later — on January 17, 1997 — Chopra accepted the offer to become an adviser to IEE (I). 

Post retirement, he went on to occupy another plum position. He became vice-chairperson of the All India Council for Technical Education, the regulating body for private technical/management institutes in the country. Chopra, however, denies these allegations, claiming that the documents are forged. "I have no idea. This is very shocking. A K Ghosh (now suspended) is naming everybody because he is involved. I will never do such a thing," he told ToI. 

Dube, as director of IIT-Kharagpur, also wrote to J K Tewari, head of IEE (I), in 2003, stating that he is looking "forward for the great cooperation between our institute (IIT) and IEE (I) in various fields of science and engineering". 

Another letter of commendation to IEE (I) came from J C Biswas of department of electronics and electrical communication engineering in IIT-Kharagpur. His letter of commendation clearly mentions association between faculty of IIT-Kharagpur and IEE (I).

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Dear Sir,

Dishonest to the core, UPA Govt wants, persons like Suresh Kalmadi, Ketan Desai, V K Chawla, Wajahat Habibullah, Arun Balakrishnan, Sarthak Behuria, Jitesh Khosla, VC Agarwal, BM Bansal, GC Daga, MM Ansari, S Sundaresan at Key Positions for depriving dues to the deserving and looting public. 

Supreme Court says corrupt persons should be hanged to death publicly. i would say they should not be allowed to die so easily and only be hanged upside down publicly to allow citizens to spit on their faces and the video taken of it be put in public domain.

What do you say?


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As JEE head, tainted prof tweaked cutoffs
22 Oct, 2010 0044hrs IST TNN[ Akshaya Mukul ]

NEW DELHI: Running a fake institute from within the IIT-Kharagpur campus is not the only way in which Amit Kumar Ghosh of the aerospace department made his name. 

From 2006 to 2008, Ghosh was chairman of Joint Entrance Examination, Kharagpur, when the maximum number of bunglings took place. Documents with TOI show that he not only gave false statements but on his charge, material related to JEE was destroyed despite clear rules that it be retained for a year. 

Ironically, he remained the chief vigiliance officer of IIT, Kharagpur till recently. 

On August 24, 2006, much after students had taken admission in IITs, as individual marks of candidates were released, it was found that students scoring just 154 marks were declared qualified though students with 279 marks were disqualified. If this was not enough, Ghosh's response to a student who had not qualified despite scoring 231 marks (104 in physics, 75 in maths and 52 in chemistry) was that "he has not satisfied the marks eligibility criteria laid down for individual subjects as well as the aggregate marks in JEE 2006". 

This was a factually wrong statement as it was revealed in May 2007 that the cutoffs for maths, physics, chemistry and aggregate were 37, 48, 55 and 154 respectively for general category students, and the candidate in question scored much higher marks. But the procedure for cutoff calculation revealed by IITs showed that for maths, physics and chemistry, it should have been 7, 4 and 6 respectively instead of official figure of 37, 48 and 55. 

Four different cutoff procedures submitted by IITs could not come to the stated official cutoffs. It also came to light that 994 candidates were deprived of admission due to discrepancy in calculation of cutoffs. 

Even as pressure was mounting on IIT directors, chairpersons of board of governors and council members about irregularities, Ghosh sought an approval on October 31, 2006 for shredding of JEE specific material, including ORS scripts. The IIT statute clearly states that JEE papers will not be destroyed for a year. 

Ghosh got approval from a committee that included Madhusudan Chakraborty, then deputy director (now director, IIT-Bhubneshwar) and Sishir Kumar Dube, then director IIT, Kharagpur. Records with TOI reveal that while Chakraborty's son was admitted to IIT-Kharagpur under the board of governors' quota, Dube's son was caught for impersonating in JEE. 

Records also show that JEE material was finally shredded on December 18, 2006. But the very next day, principal information officer of IIT-Kharagpur, while responding to an RTI query on supplying question papers, said the Joint Admission Board 2006 had decided not to give away the question paper of JEE 2006 to the candidates. He did not reveal that all JEE material of 2006 was already destroyed a day earlier. As a result of destruction of material, IIT till date has not produced the original JEE cut-off procedure for verification. 

Repeated phone calls at Ghosh's residence went unattended. 


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