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[rti_india] Prime Minister - RTI Information - PESB Note on Extension to Sarthak Behuria then Chairman Indian Oil beyond 28th February 2010 was not granted but favoured with Rs 42 Lakh PA job.. [5 Attachments]

[Attachment(s) from Babubhai Vaghela included below]

Dear Dr Manmohan Singh,

Kindly refer to the PESB Note dated 10th February 2010 on extension or otherwise to Mr Sarthak Behuria then Chairman Indian Oil Corporation Limited beyond 28th February 2010 (

What it shows is the shoddy working of the then Secretary MOP&NG Mr R S Pandey, present Secretary MOP&NG Mr S Sundaresan and their political boss corrupt Mr Murli Deora, against whom CBI is not proceeding, though filed PE nearly 1 1/2 years back ( for corruption in purchase of Kerosene Marker and Higher Courts feel happy making observation that "CBI rarely arrests VIP accused: HC" and stopping at that.

Important issue involved here is why ACRs of Mr Sarthak Behuria Chairman Indian Oil for the years 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-10 were not written by Secretaries MOP&NG and Mr Murli Deora? 

I would like to have their explanations for their serious lapses, action taken by the Govt against them and also would like to know as to what is the administrative control that your Govt  has got over the Union Ministers and Secretaries on writing ACRs of PESB Chairmed, CMDs, Directors reporting to them.

Reference copies enclosed:
  • Letter dated 10th August 2009 by Mr Sanjay Gupta MOP&NG to Mr Sarthak Behuria on irregularities in allotment of Retail Outlet at Mumbai.
  • Letter dated 23rd February 2010 from Mr P Dasgupta MD Petronet LNG (having Chairman as Mr S Sundaresan) offering post of Advisor to Mr Sarthak Behuria at Rs 42 Lakh PA as compared to about Rs 12 Lakhs as Chairman IOC.
  • Letter dated 25th February from Mr Sundaresan to Chairman PESB regarding extension of Mr Sarthak Behuria.  
  • Rejoinder to Company Secretary Petronet LNG for NOT considering Mr Behuria as Advisor 260210
What the RTI information also shows is the serious irregularities & corrupt practices of Mr S Sundaresan Secretary MOP&NG, knowing fully well that Mr Behuria was to retire on 28th February 2010 but not processing the case in advance but commencing only from 4th February 2010, in favouring the known corrupt criminal Mr Sarthak Behuria, favouring him by getting him selected in an arbitrary manner as Advisor to Petronet LNG, without specifying the pressing need for Advisor there & also without specifying the job to be done as Advisor, at huge raise of nearly 3.5 times and still not discarding him despite my valid objections to Petronet LNG and to him as Chairman of Petronet LNG.

Please take action all the high ranking persons involved and let me have ATR expeditiously with top most priority being sacking Mr Sarthak Behuria as Advisor in Petronet LNG and recovery of payment made by Petronet LNG to him.  Public money cannot be allowed to be criminally wasted like this. 


(Babubhai Vaghela)
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