Friday, October 29, 2010

[rti_india] Dr Manmohan Singh - अगर आपको शर्म नामकी कोई चीज़ पता है तो, please pay atleast Murli Deora assured compensation to the victims of IOC Jaipur Inferno that erupted one year back at this time...


Dear Dr Manmohan Singh,

While the entire world knows that Bhopal Gas disaster happened twenty-six years back and the victims have neither been suitably rehabilitated nor compensated by the indifferent & the dead administration led primarily by Congress.

Looking at the delay in commencing even the trial in the world famous Indian Oil Jaipur inferno that happened a year back on this very same day, it is the same insensitivity and the same inhuman approach of the dishonest UPA Govt led by the same Congress Party that gets reflected here also.

It is a national shame that the victims of the corrupt practices of the Board of Directors of Central Govt PSU Indian Oil are made to run from pillar to post seeking justice while the culprits, like Anderson in Bhopal Gas case, are still roaming free.

Left with no choice, the sufferers have now sought legal remedy through writ petition. I consider it an unfortunate happening.

By the way, the then Chairman of Indian Oil Mr Sarthak Behuria was a shameless person who, in the Corporate Meeting, that took place immediately after the said devastating fire, that was attended by Senior Management Personnel from entire Indian Oil all over the country, did not even utter a single word about the departed soul - IOC employees as also  the innocents at Jaipur - who lost their lives & everything due to shear criminal negligence of the Board of Directors of Indian Oil.

If you do not know, kindly read what the Minutes of IOC Communication Meeting held on 7th January 2010 that attended by the Directors, EDs and GMs of different Divisions of IOC, what Mr Behuria said (



Chairman informed the house that the Maharatna status for IndianOil is under active consideration.

Speaking on the tragic Jaipur fire incident, he remarked that laxity in implementing stringent systems and procedures exposes us to the risks of fires and explosions. Post-Jaipur, a committee of the Board on Safety, Health & Environment has been constituted with three functional directors and three independent directors as members, he added. He informed plans to strengthen and empower the Corporate SH&E department to ensure vigorous and purposeful inspections for maintaining foolproof systems.

He informed the house that under-recoveries have shot up to over Rs. 17,000 crore, refining margin has shrunk to USD 5.36 and borrowings continue to be at significantly high levels..............

Dr Singh, अगर आपको शर्म नामकी कोई चीज़ पता है तो, please expeditiously pay atleast Petroleum Minister Mr Murli Deora publicly assured compensation amount of Rs ten lakh to the sufferers. 


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