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[rti_india] Dr Manmohan Singh - Are you doing anything to contain exponentially increasing pending RTI cases at CIC or zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz? [2 Attachments]

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Dear Dr Manmohan Singh,

I am writing to you since last about six months on what is the basis for having only ten ICs at CIC in the Right to Information Act 2005 but, despite reminders, you & your bureaucrats at DoPT / PMO are just keeping mum like hard core criminals remaining silent at being questioned after giving a vague reply making a mockery of common sense.

In the meantime, kindly have a look at the exponentially increasing RTI pending cases at CIC that was zero on 12th October 2005 when RTI commenced -

It is increasing at fast pace unidirectionally & RTI applicants are anxiously waiting for hearing of their cases by CIC counting no. of years it would take for their turn to come to get information and to put to use if First Come First Serve FCFS method in the queue is also followed for hearing of cases. 

Common Man has been so far hearing as to so many Crores of cases have been pending in Courts of Justice making a mockery of justice. Now, Common Man has started counting how many thousand RTI cases are pending. Ultimately, it is making Common Man suffer irrevocably by the deaf & dumb & mute Govt. functionaries merrily indulging in irregularities, corrupt practices and rampant naked corruption like the latest CWG.

While in the RTI Act, time limit for the PIO & FAA to dispose off RTI application / RTI First appeal respectively, with a provision to penalise defaulting PIOs, has been provided, do you have any plausible reason for not prescribing any time limit whatsoever for Information Commissioner to clear the RTI Complaint / RTI second appeal?

Where is the accountability of the ICs in the system in making available the requested RTI information when the Act itself has come into existence to increase accountability of public administration towards citizens? 

Can you tell the nation what steps are you taking to weave the accountability of ICs in the system and also taking steps to reduce huge RTI cases backlog at CIC and the State Information Commissions to bring them to a reasonable level of about 30 days pendency? 


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