Thursday, October 28, 2010

Re: [rti_india] Action that I took seeking protection after Phone call to me from Police Station in Ahmedabad on 2nd February 2010 regarding some non-existent case by Indian Oil Corporation against me.


Dear Shri Babubhaiji,
                               The same is my position. Now I am in USA. I am from Ahmedabad. I will meet you some time when I visit India. U r nearer to my place.
Shah D J

From: Babubhai Vaghela <>
Cc: G C Daga Director (Marketing) IOC <>; B M Bansal <>; S Sundaresan Secretary MOP&NG New Delhi <>; Saibal Sarkar Dy Scy PG PMO <>; Shri Ajit Seth Secretary (Coord & PG) PG PMO <>; Shantanu Consul Secretary (Personnel) DoPT <>; Cabinet Secretary to Government of India <>; JITESH KHOSLA <>; Prof M M Ansari Information Commissioner CIC <>; Wajahat Habibullah <>; P J Thomas <>; Ashwani Kumar Director CBI <>; Manmohan Singh <>; Smt Pratibha Patil President of India <>
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Subject: [rti_india] Action that I took seeking protection after Phone call to me from Police Station in Ahmedabad on 2nd February 2010 regarding some non-existent case by Indian Oil Corporation against me.


Dear All,

As a statutorily declared Whistle Blower and RTI User, I have been a victim of corruption by the Board of Directors of Indian Oil Corporation Limited fully supported by the Ministry of Petroleum, DoPT Officers; the then CVC Mr Pratyush Sinha; IC Mr M M Ansari; the then CIC Mr Wajahat Habibullah; Joint Secretary Ministry of Corporate Affairs Mr Jitesh Khosla; then Secretary PG & Co-ordination PMO Mrs Renuka Vishwanathan / present Secretary Mr Ajit Seth and Cabinet Secretary to GOI Mr K M Chandrasekhar as also Dr Manmohan Singh himself.

I was made to go through no. of threatening - verbal & written, umpteen no. of chargesheets, harassment; torturing; two suspensions, no promotion for a decade, making me - Sr Manager - from residence for 2 1/2 years, not giving cabin at office ; stoppage of no. of increments; compelling me to take VRS; stoppage of Post-Retirement Medical benefits to my wife & myself, non-payment of dues, two legal notices after retirement etc. All the atrocities committed by the Board of Directors on me have been for my writing emails since 7th May 2002 seeking HR policies and stopping arbitrary organisation decisions / for using RTI and then for writing emails on RTI matter.

I filed more than 250 RTI Applications commencing with 5th November 2005 to large no. of organisations. Their details - RTI application / reply by PIOs / Appeals / Reply by FAAs are in public domain at 

I filed RTI applications with President Secretariat, PMO, MOP&NG, Home Ministry, Ministry of Health, Planning Commission, NBCC, SEBI, CVC, CIC, CBI, AUDA, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Bank of Baroda, Union Bank of India, IOC, BPCL, HPCL, GAIL, BRPL, IBP etc.

I have one big suitcase full of the last eight year correspondence and letters from various authorities & find it difficult to carry alone. Now also, I continue to get letters from PMO & other Ministries / Departments on varieties of corporate governance issues that I raise & follow up by emails.
As I have followed nomenclature system for my RTI applications and put them in public domain, they can be accessed using one word in Search viz. bdvpmo1, bdvpmo2.... bdvpmo8; bdvcic1, bdvcic2...bdvcic5; bdvcbi1...bdvcbi2; bdvbob1....., bdvubi1.... bdvamc1; VAGHELABDMAPQ1 etc.

While victimisation has become a part and parcel of my lifer after 7th May 2002 and I fought back seeking justice, the action that I took seeking protection after one phone call to me from Police Station in Ahmedabad on 2nd February 2010 regarding some non-existent case against me by Indian Oil Corporation is placed below in public domain which may be useful to the RTI Activists seeking transparency, improving system & raising corruption issues in protecting them.

Information on my first PIL in IIM CAT 2009 matter that was dismissed is at -

Information on my second PIL (Babubhai Vaghela vs Bar Council of India) in the matter of conducting test after passing LLb, by Bar Council of India, for getting Certificate of Practice as Advocate, that is admitted and is going on at Gujarat High Court / Supreme Court is at -

Senior citizen is happy to make endeavour to contribute something to the society at large using his freedom of expression, coupled with RTI, without putting self-imposed constraints on himself or without mincing words. 

With warm regards,

(Babubhai Vaghela)
Whistle Blower / RTI User
C 202, Shrinandnagar V, Makarba Road Vejalpur, Ahmedabad - 380051
M -  94276 08632
(Administrator - Google Group - Right to Information Act 2005)

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