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[rti_india] Apologise the Nation Dr Manmohan Singh - Prime Accused who, chairing Cabinet Committee, approved allocation on corrupt & illegal FCFS basis : “Govt lost Rs 1 lakh crore by not auctioning 2G". [5 Attachments]

[Attachment(s) from Babubhai Vaghela included below]

Dear Dr Manmohan Singh,

Please hang your head in shame for your illegal and corrupt decision on allocation of 2G Spectrum on FCFS basis causing us financial loss of thousands of crores.

I know CBI acting as a pet dog of UPA Govt has preferred to ignore my messages and not taken action on them.

But, please go and tell Supreme Court that you had committed the crime.


(Babubhai Vaghela)
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SC observations on A Raja will be looked into: PM

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday reacted to the Supreme Court observations questioning the continuance of Telecom minister A Raja by saying he would have the matter "looked into".

"I have not seen what the Supreme Court has said. When I go back, we will have it looked into," Singh told reporters while returning from a week-long three-nation tour.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Babubhai Vaghela <>
Date: Mon, May 31, 2010 at 12:15 PM
Subject: Director CBI - Please make Dr Manmohan Singh as the Prime Accused who, chairing Cabinet Committee, approved allocation on corrupt & illegal FCFS basis : "Govt lost Rs 1 lakh crore by not auctioning 2G".
To: Ashwani Kumar Director CBI <>
Cc: Manmohan Singh <>,, Barkha Dutt <>, Union Minister for Communication & IT <>,, Chief Minister of Maharashtra <>, "Dy. CM and HM of Maharashtra" <>, Shaktisinh Gohil Opposition Leader Gujarat State <>, Prime Minister Govt of India <>, "Sh. K M Chandrasekhar" <>, Minister Human Resources and Skills Development Canada <>, Prafull Patel <>,,, ESGINDIA <>, Society for Protection of Culture Heritage Environment Traditions and Promotion of National Awarenes <>, Help CAG <>,,, Director Coordination Home Ministry <>, UIDAI New Delhi <>,, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation <>, Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority <>,, Jaya Bachchan <>,,,, M S Srinivasan Former Secretary MOP&NG <>,, S Roy Choudhury Director Marketing HPCL <>, S Sundaresan Secretary MOP&NG New Delhi <>, Saibal Sarkar Dy Scy PG PMO <>, Union Home Minister New Delhi <>, Mukul Kumar President IOOA New Delhi <>, "R. K. Srivastava" <>, Smt Krishna Tirath <>, National Commission for Women <>, K M Acharya <>,, Prof Gautam Barua <>,,,, Meghnad Desai <>, Amartya Sen <>,,, G S Bothyal Director DPE GOI New Delhi <>, Prime Minister Denmark <>, President of Ireland <>,, JS Ministry Home Affairs GOI <>,,, "L C Singhi Secretary (Law) CIC" <>, Wajahat Habibullah CIC <>, Cabinet Secretary to Government of India <>, Subodh Dakwale <>, "V C Agarwal Director (HR) IOC" <>, ONGC <>, GAIL <>,, Harishankar Brahma Secretary Power <>, Secretary Rural Development <>, Joint Secretary Banking Operations Union Finance Ministry <>, "Ms M.R. Tshering Director PG PMO" <>, "Shri Ajit Seth Secretary (Coord & PG) PG PMO" <>,, Admissions office <>, Samir Barua <>, Mukesh Ambani <>,,,,,,, Help Hindustan Times <>,, "hemali. chhapia" <>,,,,, LA times <>,,, Editor The Telegraph <>,, NDTV <>,,, NEWS WIRE 18 <>,,, ASSOCHAM <>, NASSCOM <>,, Infosys <>, Sam Pitroda Chairman NKC <>,,, arunaroy <>,, Prashant Bhushan <>,, Bar Council of India <>, Sir Ratan Tata Trust <>,, "Shantanu Consul Secretary (Personnel) DoPT" <>, "K.C Jayarajan President Secretariat New Delhi" <>, Kum Selja MOS for Housing <>, "Smt Sushma Swaraj <" <>, Help Gujarat High Court <>,, Registrar General Bombay High Court <>, High Court Jaipur <>, High Court Jodhpur <>, High Court of Karnataka <>, Help Supreme Court <>, Meira Kumar Speaker Lok Sabha Parliament <>, Smt Pratibha Patil President of India <>

Central Bureau of Investigation,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

In the light of the complaint lodged by me, the evasive reply received from the Ministry of Communications & IT, loss of nearly Rs one lakh crore to the exchequer, the media news as also the observations made by Delhi High Court in this high level corruption, I reiterate my demand for making Dr Manmohan Singh as the Prime accused who knowingly allowed & approved 2G spectrum allocation on arbitrary, corrupt and illegal First Come First Serve Basis.

Documents at PMO in this regard be searched & seized by the CBI to make the enquiry by CBI impartial.


(Babubhai Vaghela)
C 202, Shrinandnagar V, Makarba Road Vejalpur, Ahmedabad - 380051
M -  94276 08632
(Administrator - Google Group - Right to Information Act 2005)

Publication: The Times Of India Mumbai;Date: May 30, 2010;Section: Times Nation;Page: 15

BJP-led PAC to take up 2G row


New Delhi: In what spells continued trouble for A Raja, Parliament's Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has decided to take up the issue of allocation of 2G spectrum and may soon serve notice to the telecom ministry to come out with its stand on allegations of corruption. 

    "The 2G spectrum issue is on our agenda," PAC chairman and senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi said, indicating how the opposition may take the opportunity to corner the UPA government on the alleged corruption issue. The PAC's decision comes just after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh refused to give a clean chit to Raja, referring to the CBI's ongoing probe into the allegations of corruption against the telecom minister. While addressing a press conference, the PM had quoted Raja's defence, but without embracing it. Singh stressed that he was in no position to give a definite opinion on the issue pending the CBI probe, and that he would take action against those found guilty. 

    Singh's remarks fitted in with the assessment that the Congress realizes that an adverse finding against Raja, particularly by the CBI, may render his continuation in the telecom ministry untenable. Any evidence of wrongdoing that the PAC may uncover will help escalate opposition's attack on the government for not letting go of Raja. 

    The CAG too is looking into the spectrum pricing, whether they were underpriced when licences were allocated to private operators. 

    The CBI has also moved the government's official auditor for its help on financial aspects of the investigation. The matter was first investigated by the CVC which then referred it to the CBI. The latter registered a case in October 2009. CBI raids had followed at the offices of the DoT. The ED, too, was roped in to probe foreign transactions relating to some private operators who had been awarded licences during Raja's tenure. 

We'll conduct impartial probe, says CBI chief 

Chennai: The CBI on Saturday asserted that it would undertake "a very impartial, correct and legal investigation" into the alleged 2G spectrum allocation scam. "The CBI has registered a case and we are undertaking investigation. Let me assure you the CBI will do a very impartial, correct and legal investigation," CBI director Ashwini Kumar said, adding that the premier investigating agency would not go by the opinions of individuals, media or anybody else in its probe into the spectrum controversy. AGENCIES<many><stem>2g<and><many><stem>cbi<and><many><stem>impartial)&skin=TOINEW&AppName=1&PageLabel=15%20&ViewMode=HTML&GZ=T
Publication: The Times Of India Ahmedabad;Date: May 31, 2010; Section: Times Business;Page: 17

Govt lost Rs 1 lakh cr by not auctioning 2G

Shalini Singh | TNN 

New Delhi: Various figures for the loss to the exchequer due to 2G spectrum not being auctioned have been tossed about, ranging from Rs 20,000 crore to Rs 50,000. Actually, the figure is over Rs 100,000 crore, when one considers the revenue earned by the 3G spectrum auction and Trai's recommendation, issued on May 11, that "3G prices be adopted as the current price of spectrum in the 1800 MHz (2G) ban." Interestingly, contrary to popular belief, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh did not defend telecom minister A Raja at a press conference on Monday, but instead, made two leading statements distancing himself from Raja's deeds. 

    Significantly, the PM's words were also radically different from the stance taken by the Congress party's spin-doctors so far. The PM said Raja had told him that he followed the existing policy, Trai recommendations, and the Telecom Commission's decision. The PM was careful to attribute these comments to Raja rather than use them in his defence. 

    More importantly, Singh admitted to a huge gap in revenues between 2G spectrum allocation, which followed a firstcome-first-served (FCFS) policy and 3G spectrum which was auctioned in an open, transparent manner. 

    A detailed calculation shows this gap or revenue loss that the PM was referring to, to be upwards of Rs 1 lakh crore (see chart). Singh also left the door open on appropriate action in case there was a hint of corruption, following the ongoing CBI investigation/FIR in the 2G spectrum scam. 

    In 2008, soon after being awarded 2G licences with 4.4 MHz of spectrum at a 2001 pan-India price of Rs 1,658 crore, Swan and Unitech were able to close equity deals at six to seven times this value with Etisalat and Telenor, respectively. 

    More recently, another new entrant, Videocon said its pan-India 2G licence with 4.4 MHz of spectrum was valued at Rs 12,000 crore even though it has very little by way of customers or revenue. The recent 3G auctions ultimately put the valuation debate to rest by raking in over 10 times the 2G price or a whopping Rs 16,750.58 crore from the auction of a single 3G pan-India licence/spectrum. 

    Trai's 2G recommendations of May 11 became the final nail in the coffin of the valuations argument. The Trai, in section 3.80, has held that after careful comparison of spectral efficiencies of 2G and 3G spectrum, The spectral efficiency which influences traffic and quality of service is nearly the same for the two (2G and 3G) systems. Further, it has recommended in section 3.82 that 3G prices be adopted as the current price of spectrum in the 1800 MHz (2G) band. 

    The loss on account of Raja awarding 122 licences for 2G since January 2008 is roughly Rs 1,02,511 crore (Rs 1,11,511 crore at 3G prices minus Rs 9,000 crore of actual 2G revenue). If one counts dual technology operators who also received 2G licences at a 2001 price, the cumulative loss emerges even higher. At present, the CAG is also engaged in evaluating the extent of the loss.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Babubhai Vaghela <>
Date: Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 2:18 AM
Subject: CBI - Please make Dr Manmohan Singh as the Prime Accused : "Prima facie we find that spectrum has been allocated in a worst manner and public exchequers have lost thousands of crores." ...
Cc: Manmohan Singh <>, Prime Minister of India <>,, Saibal Sarkar Dy Scy PG PMO <>, "Shri Ajit Seth Secretary (Coord & PG) PG PMO" <>, Cabinet Secretary to Government of India <>, l <>, Sunok Lee <>,,,,,, Montek Singh Ahluwalia Dy Chairman Planning Commission <>, Help Gujarat High Court <>, Help Hindustan Times <>, Help Kolkata High Court <>, High Court Jaipur <>, High Court Jodhpur <>, High Court of Karnataka <>, Registrar General Bombay High Court <>, Registrar General Madras High Court <>, Help Supreme Court <>

CBI, New Delhi Dear Sir, I unerstand CBI has commenced search of
documents at DoT in connection with the subject irregularities as
observed by Delhi High Court. The same may kindly be conducted at
Cabinet Secretariat also. As the spectrum allocation decision was
taken by Dr Manmohan Singh himself, I hereby request that Dr Manmohan
Singh be made the prime accused in this case. Kindly acknowledge
receipt and please confirm action taken on my complaint. Regards.
Babubhai Vaghela Ahmedabad.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Babubhai Vaghela <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 06:16:03 +0530
Subject: "Prima facie we find that spectrum has been allocated in a
worst manner and public exchequers have lost thousands of crores." ...
To: right-to-information-act-2005
Cc: Montek Singh Ahluwalia Dy Chairman Planning Commission
<>, Wajahat Habibullah CIC <>, Saibal
Sarkar Dy Scy PG PMO <>, Pratyush Sinha CVC New
Delhi <>, Union Minister for Communication & IT
<>,, S Behuria Chairman IOC
<>,, Manmohan Singh
<>,, Help Supreme Court
<>, Meira Kumar Speaker Lok Sabha Parliament

Dear Members,

What the High Court has observed is:

"Prima facie we find that spectrum has been allocated in a worst manner and
public exchequers have lost thousands of crores." ...

Reportedly, this decision of First Come First Serve (FCFS) basis of
allocation was taken by the Union Cabinet and the said meeting was chaired
by Dr Manmohan Singh Prime Minister himself.

However, Smt Sonia Gandhi certifies Dr Manmohan Singh as HONEST.

Where is the honesty and integrity in such arbitrary, illegal and corrupt
practices being followed by the UPA Govt and approved by Dr Manmohan Singh?

This is what the corrupt politicians do to make unaccounted money and now
shall waste crores of Rupees in litigation fighting the case at our cost.
That is why there is a need to recover wasted public money from their
personal accounts and also hang them publicly for the crimes they commit.

I am still awaiting reply from DOT that was promised me on line on 8th
November 2008.

With kind regards,

(Babubhai Vaghela)
C 202, Shrinandnagar V, Makarba Road Vejalpur, Ahmedabad - 380051
M -  94276 08632
(Administrator - Google Group - Right to Information Act 2005)


Centre's spectrum allocation policy challenged in HC
9 Nov, 2008 1140hrs IST PTI

NEW DELHI: A petition has been filed in the Delhi High Court challenging the
Centre's policy of allocating 2G spectrum on a "first come first served
basis", allegedly causing a loss of crores of rupees to the exchequer.

The PIL alleged that the procedure followed by the government is
non-transparent, and is intended for the benefit of some private players in
the telecom industry.

The telecom ministry's deliberate inaction on the recommendations of the
finance ministry, Prime Minister's Office and Telecom Regulatory Authority
of India has benefited private parties at the expense of public exchequer,"
Gupta said in his petition.

He also referred to an earlier judgement of the High Court delivered in 1993
by which the court had said that "first come first served" policy is
unreasonable and unfair.

"The basis of first come first served for allotment of time slots on
satellite channels is arbitrary. It is unreasonable, unjust and unfair,"
Gupta said quoting the High Court judgement.

He questioned the government's intention of not following a competitive
bidding procedure.

"The proximity of real estate developers to corridors of the department of
telecom has enabled even real estate developers to overnight turn into
telecom entrepreneurs. Indian real estate developers and infrastructure
promoters have also become Indian telco players," Gupta alleged in his

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Babubhai Vaghela <>
Date: Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 5:51 PM
Subject: Candid admission of Dr Manmohan Singh on not doing enough on
Terrorism : Raja ready to quit over spectrum allocation row - Hon'ble Prime
Minister should allow him to quit...
Cc: "Shri Ajit Seth Secretary (Coord & PG) PG PMO" <>,, Montek Singh Ahluwalia Dy Chairman Planning
Commission <>

Dr Manmohan Singh,
Hon'ble Prime Minister,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

This has reference to your reported candid admission saying -

Let me be candid. We have not been successful in warding off terrorist
attacks. This requires greater attention. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
You may also like to make another admission that you have not been able to,
leave apart stop, even reduce corruption associated with the high level
political decisions. In this regard, I am just quoting one of the instances

Reportedly, Union Finance Ministry was against First Come First Serve method
of arbitrary spectrum allocation but it was approved by GOM and you chaired
that meeting.

You may like to apologise to the nation for such high level corrupt
practices and also tell the nation, who got kickbacks in such deals and how

During discussion in the Parliament on budget proposal of imposing
transaction charges on cash withdrawals of Rs 25000/- and above, Mr P
Chidambaram the then Union Finance Minister said - "I have the information,
you do not have". What I infer is that the information is available with the
Govt on financial irregularities but it is not shared with the citizens
since your Govt would not like to know of the political / bureaucratic high
volume corruptions.

Notwithstanding my above-mentioned observation and notwithstanding the fact
that Indian Citizens do get reply from the Prime Minister of Australia on
humble requests made to him, Indian Citizens do not get replies from PMO,
New Delhi on representations made to you.

I requested Prime Minister of Australia to apologise to Dr Mohamed Haneef
for wrongly implicating him. (Copy of Auto Response received by me was sent
to your office alongwith my appeal on 25th December 2008). My submission to
Prime Minister Australia was that Australia has a rich culture of apology
and even a "Sorry Day" is observed a year to tender genuine heart-felt
apologies to the aboriginals of Australia for atrocities committed on them.
It would, therefore, be an act of magnanimity to apologise D Mohamed

I did get a reply from the Attorney-General Australia office and a detailed
one but I have not received replies to the representations  made to you and
the CPIO PMO had to shamelessly seek refuse, for not giving RTI information
on ATR on my emails, on disproportionate diversion of the resources though
it pertained to only to one citizen out of 110 crore citizens of India and
emails written by him only pertained to a short period of  three months
only. And, on this spectrum matter also, I have not received any response.

As the head of the UPA Govt, you may like to hang your head in shame and
apologise to the nation for not controlling the corrupt practices even that
of PMO.

Details of the correspondence are placed below. They are in public domain.

With kind regards,

Babubhai Vaghela
202, Sarap, Opp Navjivan Press,
Off Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380 014
M -  91 94276 08632
(Administrator - Google Group - Right to Information Act 2005)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Babubhai Vaghela <>
Date: Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 3:52 AM
Subject: Raja ready to quit over spectrum allocation row - Hon'ble Prime
Minister should allow him to quit
To: Hon'ble Prime Minister <>
Cc: Union Minister for Communication & IT <>,, S Behuria Chairman IOC <>,,,,
Transparency International India <>,, Help Supreme Court <>, Hon'ble
Speaker Lok Sabha Parliament <>, Hon'ble Vice
President of India <>, Smt Pratibha Patil Hon'ble
President of India <>

Dr Manmohan Singh,
Hon'ble Prime Minister,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

National Telecom Policy 1999 (
stipulates - "*Achieve efficiency and transparency in spectrum management*".

It does not say that allocation is to be done on First Come First Serve
Basis (FCFS). Further, even if it stipulates FCFS basis, FCFS is essentially
arbitrary and therefore illegal. FCFS system reportedly said to be the basis
for the allocation, in the absence of competitive bidding and without
evaluating the other offers that could be much more lucrative and
beneficial, is non-transparent and devoid of logic.

Moreover, apart from lots of subjective blah blah, what National Telecom
Policy 1999 (copy enclosed) emphasises repeatedly is that TRAI
recommendation would be the guiding factor for the allocation.

However, it needs to be appreciated that who makes the recommendation is of
little significance. What is of crucial importance for the allocation is
whether it has been done based on a transparent critera and by giving a fair
opportunity to all the eligible vendors. If not, then it is discretionery
and illegal. It has to be scrapped the way Supreme Court scrapped some of
the arbitraily allocated Retail Outlets (ROs) by Oil PSUs.

Another highly important aspect in the entire apparently fishy episode is
the abnormal increase in the valuation of two new entrants (new licencees
Swan and Unitech) for which Mr A Raja does not seem to have any plausible

The case is something like the land deals happening for setting up Retail
Outlets (ROs) by Oil PSUs. A person, having prior knowledge of the
prospective site for setting up an RO, buys land at Rs 5 lakhs on 1st
January. Very next day, on 2nd January, it is bought by an Oil PSU at a
price of Rs 15 lakhs.

That seems to be the case here and, in the interest of transparency in
public administration and in the interest of reducing corruption in the
country, I hereby request Central Vigilance Commission to investigate the
matter from the vigilance angle on priority including the basis of
allocation recommended by TRAI and used by Ministry of Telecom.

In the meantime, considering the seriousness of the matter, I hereby request
Hon'ble Prime Minister to take away the portfolio from Mr A Raja, with
immediate effect, to reduce the possibilty of tempering of the documents /
influencing the vigilance enquiry while Mr A Raja continues to hold the
charge of Telecom. Secretary, Telecom and other officers who have been
involved in this particular allocation may also kindly be shifted forthwith
to other departments.

Submitted for kind consideration on top most priority in larger public

While concluding, I seek your kind assistance in issuing due direction to
the Ministry of Power in controlling the voltage of the electricity supplied
as the surge in voltage after midnight during this period of the year, every
year, makes fan in my room rotate at high speed / wakes me up at wee hours &
increases our electricity charges unduly.

With kind regards,

Babubhai Vaghela
202, Sarap, Opp Navjivan Press,
Off Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380 014
M -  94276 08632

Raja ready to quit over spectrum allocation row
8 Nov, 2008 0104hrs IST TNN[ Shalini Singh ]

 NEW DELHI: Telecom minister A Raja, accused by the Left of being
responsible for a Rs 51,000 crore scam on allocation of spectrum, on Friday
offered to resign if proved guilty.

This offer came in the middle of a hurried press conference addressed by
Raja, flanked by DoT officials. The controversy centres on award of 2G
telecom licences for a total of Rs 9,000 crore on January 10. It has been
alleged that this amounted to severe underpricing, causing a loss of almost
Rs 51,000 crore to the exchequer.

Recently, new licencees Swan and Unitech, which invested Rs 1,537 crore and
Rs 1,651 crore respectively on spectrum, received enterprise valuations of
9,400 crore and Rs 11,620 crore. They received these valuations even though
they have no telecom infrastructure, cash flows or customers.

Raja's argument is that the decision to allot licences on a
first-come-first-served (FCFS) basis rather than holding auctions rested on
the national telecom policy of 1999 and recommendations by the Telecom
Regulatory Authority of India in August 2007.

When questioned on the reason for overlooking the successful spectrum
auctions of 2001 for the fourth mobile licence, Raja said, "I don't think
any auctions took place in 2001."

The minister was seemingly unaware that the Rs 1,651 crore price at which
spectrum was sold in 2008 was discovered through open, competitive,
multi-stage transparent bidding (auction) conducted for the fourth mobile
license in mid-2001 when the subscriber base was merely 4.2 million,
compared with over 315 million today.

Raja made NTP 99 and Trai's 2007 recommendations the bedrock of his choice
of FCFS over auctions for allocating new licences at 2001 prices. But the
telecom ministry's press release of October 31, 2008, anchors the move on a
Cabinet decision of November 2003.

Interestingly, the 2003 Cabinet decision endorses auctions. It seals a
decision by a group of ministers, which in turn, accepted Trai's 2003
recommendations on unified access service licences (UASL). In section 7.39,
Trai writes: "As the existing players have to improve efficiency and
utilization of spectrum and if the government ensures availability of
additional spectrum, then in the existing licensing regime, they may
introduce additional players through a multi-stage bidding process as was
followed for the fourth cellular operator."

Asked why he favoured only a handful of companies out of the 46 that applied
for licences, Raja again attributed it to Trai recommendations. Later, when
reminded that Trai had asked DoT to raise the licence fee from the 2001
level to prevent revenue loss, Raja ignored the question.

Raja also suggested that revenue share collections would eventually
compensate for auction revenues. However, auction-based entry fee and
revenue share, in fact, run concurrently. India's 2001 auctions are a case
in point. New entrants paid an entry fee through an auction route and
continue to pay revenue share till today.

Sent from my mobile device

(Babubhai Vaghela)
C 202, Shrinandnagar V, Makarba Road Vejalpur, Ahmedabad - 380051
M -  94276 08632
(Administrator - Google Group - Right to Information Act 2005)


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