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[rti_india] "NHRC refused to intervene in the case of murder of RTI Activist Mr Amit Jethwa" - "RTI law being grossly misused, says former CJI Balakrishnan"


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This has reference to the media news:
RTI law being grossly misused, says former CJI Balakrishnan

My views in the matter are as under:
  • Utterly dishonest UPA Govt has preferred to post corrupt & unethical persons at key positions in a secret & clandestine manner and making sinister efforts to smother RTI to avoid transparency.
  • 8 of 16 CJIs have been claimed to be corrupt, Supreme Court Collegium is maintaining criminal silence for a long period of time and has not taken up the challenge legally posed to SC.

  • Mr K G Balakrishnan, as CJI, was observed to be dead against transparency.

  • Mr K G Balakrishnan, on retirement as CJI, appointed as Chairperson of NHRC in an arbitrary & illegal manner.

  • Mr K G Balakrishnan as Chairperson of NHRC has refused to intervene in the serious crime of murder of RTI Activist Mr Amit Jethwa.

  • The same Mr K G Balakrishnan as Chairperson of NHRC, is sitting since last five months on my written & valid complaint filed in the  case fatal air accident at Mangalore Airport killing 158 persons - happening due to criminal negligence of people in power including higher judiciary.

  • I view Mr K G Balakrishnan as Chairperson of NHRC denying justice as much more deadly and dangerous than corrupt Suresh Kalmadi or corrupt Ketan Desai.

  • People in power continues to act as deaf & dumb & absolutely indifferent as if dealing with machines & not human beings for continuing their irregularities, corrupt practices, shameful HR violations and rampant naked corruption looting common man.

  • It is the criminal abuse of power, that is causing terrific mass scale resentment  which the authorities have preferred to ignore, with support of Supreme Court of India.

  • If this criminality of playing with the strong & justified emotions of the anguished citizens continue by threatening, harassing, by torturing, by victimising, by murdering, by filing cases against them continues by the people in power, I can foresee a trend of RTI activists being compelled to take law in their hands.

NHRC expeditiously refused to intervene in the case of murder of RTI Activist Mr Amit Jethwa -

NHRC - Mangalore Air Crash Tragic Fallout of Criminal Negligence (Common Sense of Union Aviation Minister, CM, MoA, DGCA, AAI all gone to Dogs?) (Airport be closed forthwith & they should be hanged to death)...


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RTI law being grossly misused, says former CJI Balakrishnan
Indo-Asian News Service
New Delhi, October 29, 2010
First Published: 20:57 IST(29/10/2010)
Last Updated: 20:59 IST(29/10/2010)
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Former chief justice of India KG Balakrishnan on Friday said the Right To Information (RTI) Act "was grossly misused" and needed amending to prevent the misuse. "It is time for introspection on the five-year-old RTI Act. It is grossly misused. Most of the applicants are applying the RTI not for 
public good, but for misuse," Balakrishnan said at a seminar on "RTI-Key to good governance", organised by the Institute of Secretariat Training and Management.

Balakrishnan, currently the chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), said the RTI needed some amendments to prevent the misuse.

"It is not that we need to abolish or discard the RTI Act. But some changes have to be made to prevent the misuse," he added.

The RTI law should help to ensure equitable and inclusive growth, he said, noting mere economic growth is not an achievement.

"Development should improve the well-being of the people, especially at the bottom line," he said, recalling how RTI activists in Rajasthan could expose those siphoning off public funds in the name of old age pension and widows pension.

Speaking at the event, Chief Information Commissioner A.N. Tiwari said RTI should be saved from "an upsurge of emotions".

Admitting that RTI had some weakness as it was the "outgrowth of judicial intervention and has a legalistic framework," he said the RTI Act was facing divergent challenges.

"On the one hand, the aspiration of people to access information was on the upswing while on the other hand, officials need confidentiality to run the system," he said.

Tiwari said there were different categories of people frequenting the RTI system.

"The first category is those who want to pull down the high and mighty and want to know whether wealth was amassed by the authorities or corruption was practised. The second set is those who want to know how the government used its discretion in policy matters," he said.

The third category, or "bread and butter" group, want to know about the fate of their provident fund accounts and pension papers, he said.

According to Tiwari, the fourth group, mostly officials facing vigilance probes or disciplinary actions, were misusing the RTI system most to find out the moves against them.

"These articulate, English-speaking, powerful group of bureaucrats are the biggest challenge to the RTI system," he said.

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