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[rti_india] Re: RTI reveals extent of damage to children from vaccines.


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Our members don't want to read such kind of crap (although it may well be true and in the larger public interest etc.). I am therefore constrained to boot you off this group too.

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> FOIA: Multiple Children Disabled And Killed From Child Vaccines
> George Fisher, who died shortly after receiving the MMR vaccine
> Forty children are suspected to have died as a result of receiving routine vaccines in the past seven years. Childhood vaccinations are also suspected of having left two young children with brain injuries and caused more than 1,500 other neurological reactions, including 11 cases of inflammation of the brain, 13 cases of epilepsy and a coma. The data, disclosed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) following a request by The Sunday Times under the Freedom of Information Act, shows that, since 2003, there have been more than 2,100 serious adverse reactions to childhood vaccines, some of which were life-threatening. Details of the suspected deaths and neurological problems have been released just two months after a legal ruling forced the government to accept that its vaccination programme had left a baby severely brain damaged. Jackie Fisher, who founded Jabs, a support group for families with vaccine-damaged children,
> said: “It is generally accepted within the medical profession that only about 10% of suspected adverse reactions get put forward in the correct way. It is accepted by the Department of Health that the full scale of the problem is far greater than these statistics show.” Jake Dukes, 18, from Weymouth, Dorset, was left severely brain damaged by the whooping cough vaccine, which he received when he was two months old. He has the mental age of a toddler, is incontinent and uses a wheelchair. He was awarded £91,500 under the government’s vaccine damage payment scheme.
> Sarah-Kate Templeton, The Sunday Times
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