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There is a very simple answer

1) The order the FAA of CIC has relied on is Mr Habibullah's, and we all know that
Mr Habibullah does not even know the  A, B, or C of RTI Act let alone the Z.

2) If the CIC has not designated APIOs in every district and sub-division(??)  as required by the RTI Act, it is a completely corrupt action (omissions are classified as actions) punishable under the PCRA for which Mr Habibullah deserves to be prosecuted.

3) It was to aid these corrupt and incompetent Commissioners, that Mr Satyananad Mishra during his tenure as Secy/DoPT had motivated the DoP to notify their Head Post Masters in each district / sub-division of India to do this ":post office job" on behalf of all central public authorities. Now for Mr H (and his pet poodles) to claim that CIC does not recognise these DoP APIOs shows gross ignorance of the Constitution of India and the federal nature / scheme of our govt.

TO; Lalit, all of them DP, DDA, MCD or any GoNCTD body is covered as a Central P/A amenable to DoP APIOs- please read Article 239 of the Const.


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Dear Mr Sarbajit,

Just one clarification to add regarding using the "CAPIO in designated Post Offices" route for filing RTI's:

They are supposed to only accept RTI applications for those Central PA's (not State PA's) for which they are the designated CAPIO's. Not for others. There have been instances when the Central PA has refused to accept RTI's filed through Post offices, because the PA has not designated the Post Office CAPIO's.

Once case in point is the CIC. One cannot file a RTI to the CPIO of CIC, through the Post Office route. Please see:


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Or use the CPIO route of IndiaPost. 5 days extra is allowed, no need for any extra speedpost charges - you just pay Rs.10 as the application fee, and I have always got a confirmation of onward transmission from IndiaPost within 5 - 6 days.



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