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[rti_india] Re: Postal Order Vs Cout Fee Stamp in RTIs


The precription by law is one thing, its implementation absolutely
another .

1.The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India requires IPOs to be
made out to Secretary, ICAI

2. The Passport Office in Ghaziabad insists IPOs be made out in the name
of "Passport Office"

The Senior Superintendent of Police in Noida requires that IPOs to be
made out to SSP, District Gautam Budh Nagar

The UP CM Secretariat in Lucknow directs that IPOs to be made out in
the name of PIO, CM Office

Thus we can see that there is no uniformity and the all the directions
issued by DoPT in this regard are

simply ignored .

At how many places, Central and State PIOs can we fight to follow the
prescribed directions ?

Dr Arun Agrawal

--- In, "sarbajitr" <sroy1947@...> wrote:
> Dear Niladri
> Who is the "Sanju" you refer to and why should members of this group
follow this garbage advice based on flawed empirical data ?
> What is to prevent someone in the public authority filching the IPO,
filling in his (false) name and getting it encashed ? IPOs are not used
only for the Rs.10 application fee but also for the further fees which
may be very substantial. If you go through the records of this group you
will find many instances of blank IPOs being returned by PIOs.
> When there is a straight way - prescribed in law for using IPOs - ie
sending an IPO made out to the "Accounts Officer" of the Public
Authority - you must make out a very strong case for advising against
> Sarbajit
> --- In, "niladri_shekhar_das_in"
niladri_shekhar_das_in@ wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > Thanks for everybody's response.
> >
> > I will take the suggetions of Dr Arun and Sanju.
> >
> > In fact Sanju has already solved the problem in a wonderful way. In
his words :
> >
> > ===============================
> >
> > In my RTIs I leave the address field blank and in the application
include some statement like 'Attached is the Postal order, number
XXXXXXX. Since I am not sure of the designation of the appropriate CPIO,
I have left the address blank in the Postal order. The application may
be kindly be addressed to the designated PIO".
> >
> > It has worked without hassles till now.
> >
> > Sanju
> >
> > ===========================================
> >
> > This is a great learning for me. Thanks everybody.
> >
> > Niladri
> >

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