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Re: [rti_india] Re: New ADDITIONAL Posting Rule for this Group



RTI must help eradicate corruption .

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Dear Sachin

I cannot agree with you, for the *replies* received by you from the different RTI groups will not be exactly the same.

Usually a new topic is initiated whenever a member posts some new information / CIC decision etc. What we are now insisting on here is that members of RTI_India are required to make a hard (conscious) choice for INITIATING a new topic or Cross Posting:-

A) Post to RTI_India ONLY, or
B) Post to any other groups (or groups) they want.

If each and every other group does so, it will be a very POSITIVE development I assure you.

I am a religious person, so I will explain it thus - Everyone is free to visit as many temples, churches, mosques etc as he wishes, or not at all. The devotee / applicant / litigant etc. will, however, put his prayers where they have the best chance of solving his problem. In this temple (church, mosque, etc) of RTI we don't measure our success by the *number* of devotees and the noise they make, but by the quality of our adherents and the blessings they receive.

PS: When a devotee visits his holy place regularly, a large proportion visit to compose their own minds in peace and tranquil surroundings which are conducive for his purpose. Sometimes the mere asking of the question within bounds of formal rules generates within the answer you seek automatically. This group is not here for those who shriek pathetically "Help ME !" or "Help this Stranger". It is for those who say "Help me to help myself so that I may teach others to help themselves and others".


--- In, Sachin Agarwal <tellsachin@...> wrote:
> Sir
> its fairly ok to do that. I am also bogged down with exactly same messages coming from almost all rti boards.
> But then if all the boards decide to filter messages on this count then some day in future we may not have any message on any board as everyone will feel it is being carried elsewhere.
> Think about it.
> Sachin Agarwal

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