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Re: [rti_india] Re: Request for help


Hi sarbajitr,

I perfectly agree with your contention. such misused should be curtailed.

Best Regards - Mohammed Afzal, Mumbai.


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Dear NEN

1) Democracy does not give an individual or group the right to appropriate all the limited resources for oneself or one's group.

2) If an individual files 300 RTI's since 2006 (FYI: I have probably only filed about 20 since 2002) and who then whinges that he is being targeted (Duuh !!!), responsible NGOs (like NEN ?) should disabuse such deluded people and set them on the right track. Unfortunately the NGOS involved are more interested in demonstrating that RTI is not working - at the behest of their foreign puppet / pay / spy masters.

3) I shall give you one example. A Mr Prashant Garg of East of kaliash Delhi, filed a total of 119 RTIs in the span of 2 months to about 5 P/As of Delhi, on the same question "Why was a bus stop erected outside my house?". Of course as democratic citizen of India he has a "right" to do so. All of them reached the CIC in 2nd Appeal / Complaint. Over 20+ separate hearings (in 119 registered cases) were held between Mr Habibullah and Mr Tiwari. IC Tiwari was so frustrated that he passed an order saying that this was a totally frivolous case emanating from a completely "vexatious" and "frivolous" applicant AND THAT NO FURTHER REPLIES WERE TO BE GIVEN TO HIM BY THE P/AS CONCERNED.

4) In the meantime, Mr Habibullah's office had issued show-cause notices to many PIOs including to Mr Dependra Pathak (Addl Commissioner Police HQ - Delhi) who claimed he had "forwarded" it to to the PIO of the Traffic Police. Mr Pathak showed up for the hearing accompanied by about 10 senior officers who informed Mr Habibullah that if any adverse order was passed against Mr Pathak his life was not worth 2 matches. A scape-goat (a very junior ASI) was propped up so that Mr Pathak could walk. I assisted him in his defence, stating that a) Delhi Police being a "single public authority" Mr Pathak could not "transfer" the RTI requests to another PIO. b) Mr Pathak could only seek the assistance of any other officer - but that individual could not further seek assistance of anyone else (or to render that person liable for penalty), c) That Mr Tiwari had clearly issued orders that no further action was to be taken for Mr Prashant Garg's RTIs (and the same should be located and published on CIC website so that there is no dispute).

5) It has been aver 18 months now. Mr Habibullah has failed to pass any orders in this case. His officers are demanding heavy bribes to pass a decision. So lets analyse the consequences of excessive RTIing

a) It breeds and fosters corruption

b) Ordinary, responsible citizens are denied their ENTAILMENTS.

c) Ordinary coitizens are branded as "activists", "troublemakers", "vexatious", and "frivolous".

d) Parliament / Govt demands that vexatious and frivolous applicants should be muzzled.

e) The NGO crowd are very happy because they have a new (self created) issue to further rouse the public and convert them to whichever brand of separationism they front for.

f) We waste the time of this forum with non-issues.

So Dear "NEN", if you have to say something useful about RTI here please do so, this group is not a dumping ground for messages CCed to Hum Janenge or anti-bribery or all those other Yahoo groups populated by the pests of RTI.

FYI, I also have Assamese blood.


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> Mr. Sarbajit,
> Firstly, RTI is a democratic legal tool which can be used for getting any information by any citizen from public authority. Its a public accountability tool for any grievance issue.
> Secondly, you cannot brand anyone as extra-constitutional actors or agencies just because you disagree with them.
> Thirdly, what is worse that you are stretching it to issues which concern the North East with its diverse communities whereas an issue of corruption can be raised by any citizen from any part of India.
> From NEN.
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> Dear Assam NEN
> The person whose story is being recounted is not a member of this group. It is not good practice to circulate unsubstantiated rumors and allegations for 3rd parties over a *PUBLIC* forum like RTI_India..
> The fact that this individual has filed 300+ RTI applications and is being targeted is precisely what concerns us. These are the so-called RTI activist misusers creating problems for ordinary citizens who use RTI occasionally for their own private purposes and not to get "certificates" from RTI touts and haraamis owing fealty to the NCPRI.
> In any case, now that the activist has reported the matter to the Police and taken his FIR, he will surely now get the peace his actions have brought upon him. Assam is now a violence affected state, the majority of these activists are aligned to the n-# of non-State armed factions, Ulfa , Sulfa, Chakma, Bodo, Naga etc etc.
> Sarbajit
> On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 2:55 PM, Assam NEN <assamnen@...> wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> This is a recent case of threat to an activist working on RTI issues in
> Darrang district of Assam.Do keep note and help in whatever way you can.
> Threat to RTI Activists Mr.Mati Ram Nath
> Sir/Madam,
> I am Mati Ram Nath aged: 40years hailing from Garoimara village under
> Sipajhar Police Station of Darrang Dist. of Assam. My occupation is
> cultivation.

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