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[rti_india] Re: Postal Order Vs Cout Fee Stamp in RTIs


Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

It was a Nov 2008 matter - CIC issues notice 10 months later in Sept 2009, and then goes back 1 year in time to say "Announced this eighth day of January 2009."


--- In, C K Jam <rtiwanted@...> wrote:
> If any Central PA is not accepting IPO in favour of "Accounts Officer, XXXXXXX", or by other prescribed modes of payment, why don't you file a Complaint under Sec 18 to the CIC ?
> We now examine the issues raised by Shri Karira at item 2 of his prayers before us.
> “The instruction for obtaining information, as available on the website, obligate (the word used is “shall”) that the instruments for payment should be” …. Payable to the Drawing and Disbursing Officer, Vice President’s Secretariat.”
> We have examined the procedure for obtaining the information available on the website of Vice President Secretariat reading “The application for obtaining information shall be accompanied by an application fee of rupees ten by way of cash against proper receipt or by demand draft or bankers cheques payable to the Drawing and Disbursing Officer, Vice-President’s Secretariat”.
> The power to make rules in regard to the cost or fee payable for seeking information is that of the appropriate Government. The Vice President’s Secretariat is hereby directed under Section 19(8)(a) to ensure that payment details of fees to be paid by a citizen are in keeping with the Right to Information (Regulation of Fee and Cost) Rules 2005 & the amendments to the 2006. The complaint is allowed on the above terms.
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