Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[rti_india] List of Speakers at the 5th RTI Convention organised by CIC


It is surprising to see the Names in the list of proposed Speakers at the 5th Annual Convention of the CIC:

The Commission desired that names of
Prof. Robert Putnam, Harvard University,
Sri Gopal Krishna Gandhi,
Sri N Ram, Editor, Hindu,
Sri Abhishek Manu Singhvi, MP, INC,
Ms. Kannimozhi, MP, DMK,
Sri Naseeruddin Shah,
Sri Shyam Benegal,
Ms Mrinal Pande

should also be included in the proposed list of speakers in the 5th Annual Convention of the Commission. Secretary, CIC should then present these
names before the Chief IC and discuss with him regarding further course of action.

Never heard even one of them say or write anything even remotely connected to RTI !
What a waste of public money.

A IC's job is already a post-retirement sinecure for favours rendered in the past.
Now it seems that the IC's are even trying to earn some brownie points in order to get some post "post retirement" sinecure..........


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