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[rti_india] Re: Police Station


Dear Friend,

As I understand it, you filed 2 RTIs one to BMC and the other to "the Police".

The BMC replied that there is an allocation for a plot near some St.Elias. The Police on the other hand replied that they have no information about a) the specifics of the plot (ie, its actual size, exact location, possession etc) OR b) the fact of allocation / reservation of the plot in terms of a "plan" which is yet to be translated into a physical possession.

As a private citizen you have no "enforceable right" to insist that the Police erect a Police Station there even though a plot is allocated / "reserved" for a Police Station.

Hence you must assume that both PIOs have replied to you properly. You must then suitably bring the fact of allocation of the plot to the attention of the Police, and begin submitting "representations" for a Police Station to be constructed there. After your efforts eventually bear fruit, you will have the satisfaction of seeing some 3rd rate local politician (MLC, councilor etc) take the credit for your labour.


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> Friends
> RTI reply from BMC H/W says there is a reservation of a plot in their jurisdiction for a police station near St Elias.Police says they do not know/ignorant.What should be my next step?
> Regards
> Bunch

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