Monday, March 15, 2010

Re: [rti_india] RTI Applicant being threatened - Please help this person


Dear Mr Rao


1) The fact that the applicant has filed 15+ RTIs to the same Police Station on the same issue while using a threatening and legalistic language has worked against him, and will go against him in future.

2) Circulating this email to 20 people/groups will not have any result. What do you expect us to do ? At best you can hope that some journalist on this group might pursue the matter, but its unlikely.

3) Just because the State misues 498A etc does not require one to misuse RTI Act. As "weapons" these are not comparable.

My advice, practice "safe RTI" and use a condom. My sympathies are with the many victims of 498A / DPA / DVA etc. If such persons want my assistance in the larger cause of men's rights, anti-discrimination, anti reservation etc we can discuss this OFFLIST - so please email me. I am particularly incensed now by the Womens Reservation Bill tamasha, and agree substantially with this lady  (


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Dear All

Please help this person.


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