Friday, March 26, 2010

[rti_india] Re: Service Book of a Govt Employee


Dear Dayananda

You have asked a pertinent question.

You must ask yourself the following philosophical questions before you proceed:-

1) Do I really need to file this RTI?
2) Am I filing it because I have some a grievance against the Judge?
3) Am I filing it because I am a truly public spirited citizen?
4) Do I truly realise that a match=stick costing only 1 paise (or Rs.10/-) could burn down my life / home and ruin my future ?

Only if you are a truly public spirited individual acting out of an academic interest and no axe to grind should you proceed with filing an RTI. "Larger public interest" is the only defence against application of section 11 or 8(1)((j) by the PIO of such RTI requests, so you must be prepared to justify what you plan to do with the information if you receive it.

Usually it is best to follow the old legal principle of only putting questions you already (substantially) know the answers to.


--- In, Dayananda YS <dayas2003@...> wrote:
> Dear Ajit / Vikram,
> Thank you for your responses. Do you have any idea if a Civil Judge of Taluk Level [ Chief Judge, Sr.Divn.] falls under this exclusive case ? Do I need to take any precaution before I apply, or I can directly approach the concerned people.
> Thanks in Advance,
> Dayananda

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