Wednesday, March 31, 2010

[rti_india] POLICE STATION


Dear Raja Bunch,
Another option you could consider :
File another RTI with the police - this time, as a preamble to your inquiry, if you  write  that you have gathered such & such info from BMC as a fact (complete info as provided by BMC without changing it in any way) and ask for info regarding future plans to build a police station, what has been the activity in thisc regard since allocation etc, it might force them to look into relevant files & give you info rather than saying they have no info.
Another thing you might consider is who are you asking for the info - the local police stn may be right in saying they have no info but higher up authorities at the appropriate level - perhaps Deputy Commr levet - would be involved in planning new police stns etc.
Chandra K Jain
93124 39464

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