Wednesday, March 31, 2010

[rti_india] Re: POLICE STATION


Dear Mr Jain

I am somewhat puzzled

1) Mr Bunch has already asked the Police (presumably in RTI) and been informed that there is no information about allotment if land near St Elias. If it is your case that the PIO has provided false information which is actually available at higher levels, then the remedy lies in First Appeal rather than filing a fresh RTI. All the documents Bunch has obtained from BMC can be annexed as part of the First Appeal to support his appeal grounds. I am of course assuming that Bunch's RTI request to Police was competently drafted in the first instance.

2) Are we also implying that filing a fresh RTI will somehow get the Police to re-examine the need for a Police Station where Bunch wants it? What is the legal basis for such a position, and does it not impinge / bypass the rights / processes for other citizens with an equal claim to a Police Station in a different location from where Mr Bunch wants it sited ?


--- In, chandra jain <ckjaininindia@...> wrote:
> Dear Raja Bunch,
> Another option you could consider :
> File another RTI with the police - this time, as a preamble to your inquiry, if you write that you have gathered such & such info from BMC as a fact (complete info as provided by BMC without changing it in any way) and ask for info regarding future plans to build a police station, what has been the activity in thisc regard since allocation etc, it might force them to look into relevant files & give you info rather than saying they have no info.
> Another thing you might consider is who are you asking for the info - the local police stn may be right in saying they have no info but higher up authorities at the appropriate level - perhaps Deputy Commr levet - would be involved in planning new police stns etc.
> Chandra K Jain
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