Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Re: [rti_india] Re: RTI applicants are getting REWARDs in the form of BULLETS


Dear Lalit

Many thanks for informing us that "Mohit Sharma (32), the brave RTI activist who wants to unleash illegal construction and encroachment encouraged by MCD in East Delhi Zone was not frightened"

This confirms what we have said all along that RTI users are as hand in glove with the corrupt P/As as the corrupt Information Commissioners.

IC Shailesh Gandhi was the same person who didn't allow me to speak in his chamber or assist poor appellants. Now all of a sudden he allows crowds of his favourite high profile RTI "activists" to occupy his office and make submissions. What altered his  thinking - the TV cameras so helpfully organised  to assist in his campaign to be elevated once Habibullah retires.?


On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 8:06 PM, Lalit Mohan Sharma <> wrote:

Mr Amitabh Thakur
The number of DCP North east Delhi
DCP North East Delhi Surender SinghYadav

His senior
JCP New Delhi Range Dharmendra Kumar 9818099007

 Best Wishes
   JAI HIND   
 Lalit Mohan Sharma 

--- On Wed, 17/3/10, REJIMON C K <> wrote:

From: REJIMON C K <>
Subject: [rti4empowerment] Re: [rtikerala] RE: [DwarkaForum] Re: RTI applicants are getting REWARDs in the form of BULLETS
To:, "DWARKA FORUM" <>, "rti4emp yahoo" <>,
Cc: "Ashok Chaitanya" <>, "anil nayal" <>, "Col NR Kurup" <>, "Milap Choraria" <>, "RAKESH GUPTA" <>, "Rakesh NYAYBHOOMI" <>, "group kabir RTI" <>, "SC Aggarwal RTI" <>, "urvashi sharma" <>,, "vaghelabd" <>, "Krishnaraj Rao" <>, "urvi sukul singh" <>, "Param" <>, "RTI Karira" <>, "Kushal Pathak" <>, "Anti Corruption- Jay Shree" <>,, "Ravinder Singh" <>,, "Batra Lokesh" <>, "bimal khemani" <>, "chetna Regd" <>, "Arvind_Kejriwal" <>, "Anoop Rohera" <>, "RTI Mohit Sharma" <>, "RTI Campaign, AP Andhra Pradesh" <>, "Vijay Kumbhar RTI Activist" <>, "RTI Aruna Roy" <>, "RTI India" <>, "JOGINDERSINGH @ RTI India" <>, "RTI R K GARG" <>, "RTI Shekhar Singh" <>
Date: Wednesday, 17 March, 2010, 5:36 PM


Mohit Sharma (32), the brave RTI activist who wants to unleash illegal construction and encroachment encouraged by MCD in East Delhi Zone was not frightened after a life threat from MCD officer Umeth Singh and BMN Rao. In the CIC hearing today, 4 Dwarka Forum Representatives (Advocate Ashok Chaitanya, Anoop Rohea, Rajiv Solanki and Rejimon CK)  and other RTI /Civil Society Activists like Promod Chawla and Vipin Mahajan (URJA) and representatives from Pardarshita( NGO) were also present for the support.



MCD people did their best to entangle the whole RTI into complex governing structure and procedures but Mr. Shailesh Gandhi, CIC (with the help of Mohit and his supporters) pointed out some specifics from the original RTI application and ordered MCD to provide documents on March 30th 2010 to be inspected by Mohit at CIC Office by the RTI Applicant. IC also warned MCD officers that IC will use its CHAIR full power to prosecute people who have threatened RTI Applicant and conduct a separate inquiry in the matter, which is expected begin by 15 April 2010.


IC also given firm direction to MCD officials to refrain from direct contact or visit Mohit Sharma.


It wasn't surprising that MCD officers did not know whether there is a procedure to tackle public complaints or not. It was very evident in the hearing that they did not expect such a prosecution and huge amount of support after the threats. It did not stop here, when we came out form the IC room, star TV and Sahara TV and couple of other were ready to capture the story. MCD people officers did their best to hide themselves but they are expected to be on the national television today/tomorrow.


Dwarka Forum encourages such people who not just criticize governments but also come up against all the odds to fight against corruption without a fear for their own life and family. We admire and salute Mohit Sharma for his bravery and attitude to fight against corruption. Dwarka Forum has already extended its moral, legal and logistical support to Mohit Sharma.


All the RTI Groups and Civil societies need to work in close coordination and ensure that  no RTI Activist are threatened or harmed.

If we support mutually this will be possible. Unity is Strength.


http://groups. in/group/ dwarka-residents /web/about- dwarka-forum 

On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 2:23 PM, Amitabh Thakur <amitabhth@yahoo. com> wrote:
Ashok ji,

If u could send me the DCP NE/ AddlCP's number, I shall also talk tpo the officer emphasizing on doing the needful

Amitabh Thakur

--- On Tue, 3/16/10, Ashok Chaitanya <ashok_chaitanya@ in> wrote:

From: Ashok Chaitanya <ashok_chaitanya@ in>
Subject: RE: [DwarkaForum] Re: RTI applicants are getting REWARDs in the form of BULLETS
To: dwarka-residents@ googlegroups. com, "'Amitabh Thakur'" <amitabhth@yahoo. com>
Cc: rti4empowerment@ yahoogroups. com, urjabharat2007@ googlegroups. com, rtikerala@yahoogrou, "'anil nayal'" <anilnayal@gmail. com>, "'Col NR Kurup'" <colnrkurup@gmail. com>, "'Milap Choraria'" <milap_choraria@>, "'RAKESH GUPTA'" <snehcs@gmail. com>, "'Rakesh NYAYBHOOMI'" <rakesh@nyayabhoomi. org>, "'group kabir RTI'" <kabir.rti@gmail. com>, "'SC Aggarwal RTI'" <subhashmadhu@>, "'urvashi sharma'" <rtimahilamanchup@ in>, rtikranti@gmail. com, "'vaghelabd'" <vaghelabd@yahoo. com>, "'Krishnaraj Rao'" <thebravepedestrian@>, "'urvi sukul singh'" <usukulsingh@>, "'Param'" <zeereporter@ in>, "'RTI Karira'" <>, "'Kushal Pathak'" <kushal@indianoffice>, "'Anti Corruption- Jay Shree'" <jnjayashree62@>, "'Anti Bribery Campaign'" <antibriberycampaign @yahoogroups. com>, anti-corruption@ yahoogroups. com, corruptionfree04@, "'Ravinder Singh'" <corruptionfree04@>, corruption_eradicat ion@rediffmail. com, "'Batra Lokesh'" <lkbatra@rediffmail. com>, "'bimal khemani'" <bimal.khemani@ rediffmail. com>, "'chetna Regd'" <chetna_regd@ rediffmail. com>, "'Arvind_Kejriwal'" <parivartan_india@ rediffmail. com>
Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 2:02 PM

I have spoken to Mr. Mohit and have offered him of my professional services as well. I have assured him of taking up this case to its logical conclusion. We shall make sure that the erring officials are booked under the relevant provisions of penal law and they are punished. DCP North East Delhi has also assured of taking the lawful action in this matter. Our Dwarka Forum shall be present tomorrow at 12 noon at CIC Office in full strength. We all are with our activist brother.



Ashok Chaitanya,

New Delhi


From: dwarka-residents@ googlegroups. com [mailto:dwarka-residents@ googlegroups. com] On Behalf Of REJIMON C K
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 1:16 PM
To: Amitabh Thakur
Cc: rti4empowerment@ yahoogroups. com; DWARKA FORUM; urjabharat2007@ googlegroups. com; rtikerala@yahoogrou; anil nayal; Col NR Kurup; Milap Choraria; RAKESH GUPTA; Rakesh NYAYBHOOMI; group kabir RTI; SC Aggarwal RTI; urvashi sharma; rtikranti@gmail. com; vaghelabd; Krishnaraj Rao; urvi sukul singh; Param; RTI Karira; Kushal Pathak; Anti Corruption- Jay Shree; Anti Bribery Campaign; anti-corruption@ yahoogroups. com; corruptionfree04@; Ravinder Singh; corruption_eradicat ion@rediffmail. com; Batra Lokesh; bimal khemani; chetna Regd; Arvind_Kejriwal
Subject: [DwarkaForum] Re: RTI applicants are getting REWARDs in the form of BULLETS


Here is another case, in/CIC-Orders/ SG-16112009- 19.pdf Next hearing on 17/3/2010 at 12.00 All those available in Delhi ,please visit CIC


Office at 12 to extend support.








--- On Mon, 15/3/10, lokesh batra <batra_lokesh@> wrote:

From: lokesh batra <batra_lokesh@>
Subject: Pardarshita: RTI Applicant threatened to murder by MCD officials for seeking information under Right to Information Act
Date: Monday, 15 March, 2010, 4:31 PM

Dear all,


Following received from NGO Pardarshita India is being forwarded.


To get the facts please directly contact telephone numbers given in the mail below.




15 March 2010

--- On Mon, 3/15/10, Pardarshita India <pardarshita_ india@yahoo. com> wrote:

From: Pardarshita India <pardarshita_ india@yahoo. com>
Subject: Threaten to murder by MCD officials for seeking information under Right to Information Act
To: batra_lokesh@
Date: Monday, March 15, 2010, 4:01 AM

Dear Friends


Threaten to murder by MCD officials for seeking information under Right to Information Act


Mohit Sharma S/o Shri Mohan Lal Sharma resides at 59- D, Pocket- J&K, Dilshad Garden, Delhi- 95, had applied for information under RTI Act 2005, regarding the illegal construction in the area of Shahdara (North) Zone (Case No.- CIC/SG/A/2009/ 002418). CIC has heard this matter three times and the fourth hearing is scheduled on 17-03-2010. CIC has also ordered the PIO to provide all the information at the earliest but till date he has not received the complete information.


As he has sought this information regarding unauthorized construction in the area of Shahdara (North) Zone therefore as consequences for seeking this information he got few threats from sources earlier but he never paid heed to them. But on 12-03-2010 at 1:00 pm when he was at his home, three persons namely "Executive Engineer Shri B.M.N. Rao, Assistant Engineer Shri Umesh Singh along with another person" who is not known to him came to his home. As they entered the home, Umesh Singh asked "Shailesh Gandhi (Information Commissioner) is your friend so he is issuing frequent Show Causes Notices to us. Due to your case Superintending Engineer has issued a Show Cause to notice to our EE."


Sh Umesh Singh (AE) threatened him that you are too young to play with such dangerous things. You do not have an idea what actually are you doing. It is like playing with the fire which can harm you also. Not only this he also threaten him that if during the hearing on 17-03-2010 before Information Commissioner you do not accept that all the information has been provided, then he will shoot him. He also added that no one can survive after having a clash with the MCD officials. I will demolish your home and the shop of your brother. We take only 10 minutes to start an action. We keep on suspending and later on reinstate on our posts. If you met with an accident and loose your life, no-one can do anything. You have to live a long life but in this way you can not live long. He also gave the example of an Ex. MLA of Haryana named Shri Dev Raj Dewan who had a scuffle with a MCD official and had to pay a hefty price for that. His building at Karol Bagh was completely demolished by MCD. AE told if such can happen to Dev Raj Dewan, then anything bad can happen with you.


Therefore in the view of above consequences it can be said that History of Pune where an RTI Activist was shot dead is going to be repeated in Delhi also, therefore I request all of you that as much as you can support to Sh Mohit Sharma by showing your deemed presence on 17th March at 12 noon at CIC office, Old JNU Campus it would encourage his spirit to fight against the corruption prevailing in MCD, for which he has raised his voice even after having threat for facing dire consequences.


I would also request all of you to demand for registration of case for criminal intimidation to kill Mr. Mohit Sharma by entering his home and a strict action should be taken against the above named persons.

(Contact detail of Mohit Sharma 9717268268) 


In Solidarity


F-185,186 New Seema Puri


Ph: 01122356476, 9899358835


On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 7:51 AM, Amitabh Thakur <amitabhth@yahoo. com> wrote:

Dear Friends,

A very-very serious issue indeed. The one that requires all of us to look into the matter so as to reach its logical ends.
Could details about Venkatesh and Shashidhar be shared?

Amitabh Thakur
IIM Lucknow
# 94155-34526

--- On Wed, 2/17/10, REJIMON C K <rejimonck@gmail. com> wrote:

From: REJIMON C K <rejimonck@gmail. com>
Subject: RTI applicants are getting REWARDs in the form of BULLETS
To: "Manmohan Singh" <manmohan@sansad.>, "Home Minister P Chidambaram" <chidambaram@ sansad.nic. in>, "Home Minister" <>, "G K Pillai, Home Secy" <secy-mha@nic. in>
Cc: rti4empowerment@ yahoogroups. com, "DWARKA FORUM" <DWARKA-RESIDENTS@ googlegroups. com>, urjabharat2007@ googlegroups. com, rtikerala@yahoogrou, "anil nayal" <anilnayal@gmail. com>, "Col NR Kurup" <colnrkurup@gmail. com>, "Milap Choraria" <milap_choraria@>, "RAKESH GUPTA" <snehcs@gmail. com>, "Rakesh NYAYBHOOMI" <rakesh@nyayabhoomi. org>, "group kabir RTI" <kabir.rti@gmail. com>, "SC Aggarwal RTI" <subhashmadhu@>, "urvashi sharma" <rtimahilamanchup@ in>, rtikranti@gmail. com, "vaghelabd" <vaghelabd@yahoo. com>, "Krishnaraj Rao" <thebravepedestrian@>, "urvi sukul singh" <usukulsingh@>, "Param" <zeereporter@ in>, "RTI Karira" <>, "Kushal Pathak" <kushal@indianoffice>, "Amitabh Thakur" <amitabhth@yahoo. com>, "Anti Corruption- Jay Shree" <jnjayashree62@>, "Anti Bribery Campaign" <antibriberycampaign @yahoogroups. com>, anti-corruption@ yahoogroups. com, corruptionfree04@, "Ravinder Singh" <corruptionfree04@>, corruption_eradicat ion@rediffmail. com, "Batra Lokesh" <lkbatra@rediffmail. com>, "bimal khemani" <bimal.khemani@ rediffmail. com>, "chetna Regd" <chetna_regd@ rediffmail. com>, "Arvind_Kejriwal" <parivartan_india@ rediffmail. com>
Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2010, 10:56 AM

Hon. PM/HM,


Do our fellow RTI Activist in this country to be rewarded with Bullets and threats ?


Just like a Fauji or Policemen or Anti Corruption Officer, they are trying to protect the Assets, Properties and Moral Values of this country.!


Venkatesh from Banglaore, Satish Shetty from Pune and now Shashidhar Mishra from Patna. Are you counting for more death to ACT ?

Will you help to get Justice to our departed souls family?

What assurance do you have to those RTI Activist ALIVE ?


Rejimon C K

Dwarka Forum.


On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 10:03 AM, REJIMON C K <rejimonck@gmail. com> wrote:

To:The Person attn of :  

     Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

     Home Minister P Chidambaram

     Home Secretary

Subject : Brutal Murder of RTI Activist Satish Shetty.



We condemn the brutal murder of Mr. Satish Shetty. The reports and records clearly indicate he was fighter for our nation in the plain dress against the deep routed corruption.  Like many other leading RTI Activist he used RTI Application to unearth the corruption. This is not the first case, there were similar case reported from across the country and threat even loom around many RTI Activists.


1. We demand immediately the Govt of India should constitute enquiry and bring the report to public within 7 days. We demand either a sitting judge or CBI enquiry.


2. Any request from any of the RTI Applicants who face the life threat must be immediately provided protection by concerned state police. The Home Minister and Home Secretary must issue direction immediately to this effect.


These RTI Activist are also the soldiers of this great nation and an asset to nation. They are serving the nation acting in a manner protecting the vital assets, economy, system and need protection.





President- Dwarka Forum(Regd)

453, Nav Sansad Vihar

Plot No. 4, Sector 22, Dwarka

New Delhi-110 077-003


On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 10:22 PM, Ravindran Major <majorravi@gmail. com> wrote:

Such things may not happen in Kerala because the information commissioners have practicaly killed RTI in the state.


May Shashidahra Mishra's soul rest in peace!


regards n bw



On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 10:14 AM, lokesh batra <batra_lokesh@> wrote:



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