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Re: [rti_india] Violations by SIC Suresh Joshi.Mumbai


Dear Leslie,

This is just to remind you that had you posted this message 24 hours later, your posting privileges at {RTI_India] would stand suspended..

After 4+ years of being on this group, you are still as confused as when you first joined.
As we have often discussed, this state of affairs has come about because you keep
scuttling from here to there (to everywhere) searching for easy solutions and indulge in
wishful thinking.

Let me give you a parable.

I am sure you would have heard about the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany.  First the Nazis started bashing up the Jews. Then they  said "it's a monstrous lie that we don't protect Jews, if you all wear these large Star of David armbands, we'll be able to give effect to your Fundamental Rights". Sure enough all the good Jews (there were many "bad" Jews who didn't fall for this) lined up in droves to wear the armbands believing that the (Nazi) State would help them.

Finally all these good Jews who believed in the State were taken off to concentration
camps and made to dig their own graves before they were shot. Later since there were
so many "good" Jews who trusted the State, the State decided to use poison gas
instead because it was so much cheaper.

So, just for you Leslie, I shall list the morals / points of this parable.,

1) Substitute "RTI user" for "Jew".
2) Substitute "RTI Act" for the "Star of David" armband,
3) Substitute "Sonia / Rahul Gandhi" for "Adolf Hitler" / Nazi.
4) Don't blame SCIC Joshi because he is only "following orders from High Command" like the good soldier Schweik.
5)  Never make the mistake of believing in the State.
6)  Be "bad"
7)  Don't be put in a situation where you dig your own grave.
8) Don't cry like a baby over spilt milk - move on (like every bus conductor in Mumbai will tell you when you block the passage ) !!


On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 8:29 PM, LESLIE ALMEIDA <> wrote:

Respected members.
Its time that all affected RTI 2nd appeal applicants of Mumbai  whoses orders are vague, or are pending like mine
7 orders are "DECISION TO BE TAKEN" over 2 years now, Complains u/s 18 are never attended
my 7 complains some  are over 3 years, could some  lawyer attached to the Mumbai High Court
guide us and take up the matter at a reasonable cost, as many of us feel  frustrated, as per DOPT there is no time frame for which complains should be taken up, I wrote to the Governor with documentary evidence about 8 months back nothing happened, He has retired.C.K.Jamil. any one having similar complains can send xerox copies to me, but at High court we will need the original copy to present to court
kindly extend your support by sending me your e-mail address
positive advise and suggestions are welcome
Leslie Almeida

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