Saturday, March 27, 2010

[rti_india] Blackmailer "RTI activist" embarrass BJP


The BJP chief whip in Rajasthan was in a fix over his support to a "racketeer in the name of RTI."

Bhati said Govardhan Singh is a racketeer and he had spoiled the reputation of many people through RTI. I know this person very well.
The BJP members were surprised and shocked when Bhati said he is ready to quit politics if his partyman is proved right much to the embarrassment of the Opposition and glee of the ruling party benches.

Bhati's intervention made the task of home minister Shanti Dhariwal simple. However, he did not miss the opportunity to embarrass Rathore.
Dhariwal said this 'gentleman' whom Rathore is referring to is a 'history-sheeter' and is wanted in about a dozen cases. In one case, the police are a complainant and the rest were filed by different people. The police are on the trail of this 'gentleman', he added.

Does anyone still feel great on being called an "RTI activist" ?

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