Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[rti_india] Re: [HumJanenge] RTI Programme on FM Radio


Dear Ms Varma (Advocate),

I regret to inform you that your posting privileges to this group stand suspended for 1 (One) month.

Not only did you "cross post / CC" your message to about 18 other lists/ persons (detailed list below), you also circulated your mobile number to this group's resources.

Sarbajit Roy

Our members are also cautioned against using the "Reply to All" option in their email clients.

"Girija Varma <girija.stanfordattorney@yahoo.com>
reply-to rti_india@yahoogroups.com
to HumJanenge@yahoogroups.co.in,
Milap Choraria <milap_choraria@yahoo.com>,
rti empowerment <rti4empowerment@yahoogroups.com>,
Slum Jagatthu <slumjagatthu@yahoo.com>,
Adarsh LAWF <adarsh_valli@yahoo.co.in>,
Rao MVN <mvnrao2000@yahoo.com>,
ravi <ravi@beleyurandassociates.com>,
AID RTI <rti-vol@lists.aidindia.org>,
Trilochan Sastry <trilochans@iimb.ernet.in>,
Sreehari MN Sreehari <mnsreehari@yahoo.com>,
Shanmuga Sundaram <ar.shanmuga.sundaram@gmail.com>
date Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 12:36 PM
subject [rti_india] Re: [HumJanenge] RTI Programme on FM Radio"

--- In rti_india@yahoogroups.com, Girija Varma <girija.stanfordattorney@...> wrote:
> I would like to participate.
> Thanks and regards
> Girija
> Attorney
> Mobile: 9313338142 and 9910194228
> ________________________________
> From: acf Anand <acfanand@...>
> To: antibriberycampaign@yahoogroups.com; Milap Choraria <milap_choraria@...>; rti empowerment <rti4empowerment@yahoogroups.com>; hrm@yahoogroups.com; HumJanenge@...; Slum Jagatthu <slumjagatthu@...>; kria@yahoogroups.com; kriya-katte@yahoogroups.com; Adarsh LAWF <adarsh_valli@...>; Rao MVN <mvnrao2000@...>; ravi <ravi@...>; AID RTI <rti-vol@...>; rti_india@yahoogroups.com; rti-times@...; rti4ngo@yahoogroups.com; sackhim@yahoogroups.com; Trilochan Sastry <trilochans@...>; Sreehari MN Sreehari <mnsreehari@...>; Shanmuga Sundaram <ar.shanmuga.sundaram@...>
> Sent: Sat, March 20, 2010 4:02:22 PM
> Subject: [HumJanenge] RTI Programme on FM Radio
> Jinana Vani, FM Radio is launching 1 Hour Programme every week for about 13 weeks. The intrested persons who would like to participate can register me.
> Anand S.
> Anti Corruption Form
> Bangalore 560 085
> Cell No: +91-92410-12730
> or +91-98450-39699

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