Monday, March 22, 2010

[rti_india] Re: New ADDITIONAL Posting Rule for this Group


Agree with you 100%.

This list is actually one of the oldest RTI groups. Unfortunately it is an unmoderated group open to all, so we get to experience 'junglis' who have still to learn netiquette and the true purpose behind such groups.

1) No Cross Posting
2) No list of CCs
3) Trimmed mails
4) Focussed *UNIQUE* content directly concerned with RTI.
5) Focussed requests for assistance / guidance / clarity.
6) No PR ! We do not want to know about your NGO, its agenda or its programs.

These rules are already in operation.


--- In, "Ramnarayan.K" <ramnarayan.k@...> wrote:
> Hi
> This is a mail in response not to the content but to the format and the non
> content.
> The actual content is a few lines but the entire mail has about a few dozen
> mails and a few 100 email ids and some junk script as well.
> I understand the emailing is still new and email etiquette still being
> absorbed / learnt / not learnt.
> However is recent few days Sarabjit has emphasized
> a.) No cross posting
> b.) trimming mails
> This mail violates both.
> but wanted to add a thrid
> c) Kindly don't share yor email address book. It might be better if you want
> to show off how many friends you have to get onto twitter or something.
> It will make following this e-list a lot more useful if people focussed on
> content and what they exactly want when they mail.
> ram

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