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Re: [rti_india] Re: SPIO & CPIOs in the same Public Authority


Dear Sidharth / Dear Sarabjit

     Dena Bank was nationalised in seventies and its ownership after nationalisation vested with the President. As such, Dena Bank like all other nationalilsed banks was always treated as a central government undertaking. Their maentioning CPIO and SPIO at different places on the website should be seen as only a clerical mistake of typing, and nothing beyonhd that. There should thus be no room for confusion on this count.


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Hi Sidharth

Dena Bank is a nationalised Bank owned by Central Govt.
Hence they can only have CPIOs and CAPIOs.

However, we may have to go into old records to see the
establishment for the original constituents of Dena Bank
before it was nationalised.

This is a common problem - Is the PA too clever or too stupid ?


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> Friends,
> This is something strange I came across in a Bank PA's website.
> The website of Dena Bank shows both SPIO & CPIOs appointed at different levels.
> Is it OK to have both these SPIO & CPIO inside the same PA ?
> Kindly enlighten me ?
> http://www.denabank .com/viewsection .jsp?lang= 0&id=0,8, 270
> 8A53TZ
> Sidharth

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