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Re: [rti_india] SPIO & CPIOs in the same Public Authority [1 Attachment]

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Dear Sidharth :
Beyond doubt a nationalized Bank like Dena Bank can only appoint CPIO's and cannot appoint SPIO's.
Sometime in the beginning of this year I was in the process of making an Application to Dena Bank and in that conenction noticed the above error on the website.  I did write to the CMD of the Bank bringing the above error to his notice. Copy of the above letter is enclosed.
Through a letter dated February 4, 2009, the AGM - Legal of the Bank did reply to my above letter . From this reply it was evident that they have interpreted the Act as they are entitled to appoint SPIO's and CPIO's and according to them a PIO related to the Head office level is called as CPIO and a PIO not related to Head office is a SPIO.
Subsequently I got the information I was seeking for without using RTI Act and hence did not oursue the above Reply further. 
Do you intend to make RTI Applications to Dena Bank ?
Milind Kotak

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 3:14 PM, Sidharth <> wrote:


This is something strange I came across in a Bank PA's website.

The website of Dena Bank shows both SPIO & CPIOs appointed at different levels.

Is it OK to have both these SPIO & CPIO inside the same PA ?

Kindly enlighten me ?,8,270



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