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[rti_india] Fw: [ACB_india] Ruchika's Death case needs justice...Sign Here


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Subject: [ACB_india] Ruchika's Death case needs justice...Sign Here
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Dear friends

Sign at This link   http://www.ipetitio ruchika/



     Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil

      President of India




     Dr ManMohan Singh

     Prime Minister of India


Subject: Needs Justice to Ruchika Girhotra


Dear Sir/Madam

Let's mourn for a while for the lost live i.e 14 year old girl Ruchika Girhotra because of Molestation of Stupid Ex-DGP SPS Rathore. After investigation it has been proved that Ruchika's statements against Rathore are true with evidences. Besides loosing her life, her entire family has been harassed. False cases has been filed on her brother and harassed badly.

On Behalf of our Anti-corruption Bureau of India forum, we request the president & prime minister of India to charge the case on Rathore under appropriate sections of IPC (Indian Penal Code). Because of the political influence the case has been unnecessarily delayed. SPS Rathore was sentenced for 6 months to jail but the bail has been already granted to him. Not only Rathore, politicians, judges and all the hidden hands behind screen are to be severely punished. Our forum recommends the following actions to be taken immediately


1. Immediate administrative steps by the police, state and central agencies to strip him of all pension, provident fund, medals, citations, medical and other benefits.


2.  Freezing of all bank accounts, property.


3.  Immediate interim monetary reliefs of compensation to the victims not just in thousands, but in a few crores;


4.  Re-opening of the entire case & naming as co-conspirators the entire range of Bureaucracy, politicians and judges and also against school that dismissed Ruchika.


5.  Jail and penalties against each perporator of at least 50 lacs each to be awarded to ruchika's family.


6.  An immediate and unconditional apology to the family & Aradhana by the top politicians and bureaucrats of the "country", and a compensation of at least 50 lacs each (they give compensation for railway and other accidents; this is far more serious by a factor of hundred or thousand.)


Take Immediate actions before the public loose their patience





Biradar S S

Anti-Corruption bureau of India Forum


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