Tuesday, December 15, 2009

[rti_india] Request from Dr Nutan Thnakur


Dear all :

1. This certainly cannot be a joke ,it is real .

2. This is not a typical Nigerian 419 email .

3. Because the amount asked for is just 800 US Dollars .

4. Because we can see Nutan's profile on the facebook where she is

connected to lot of RTI activists .

5. But she does not know that Western Union ( in case of India) is only

for inward remittances, and cannot be used for external money
transfers .

6. That she is not telling the truth when she says that she has used W U

number of times in the past for ewffecting transfers outside India

7. She is so desperate that she has copied to all newspapers and high

like the Vice President of India -instead of sending only to her
connections/friends .

8. Regardless, I have requested a friend of mine to contact her at the
Hotel in Lagos

rightaway . I will know in next 15 mins (or less) what the situation
is .

9. I request members/readers to refrain from passing uncalled for

like Thugs Or Joke etc .

Dr Arun Agrawal

cc: Mr Bimal Khemaniji

Hi Everyone
> Is me Nutan. I am writing to inform you that i am presently in lagos
Nigeria for a Program, and to also apologise for not informing you
before embarking on my journey. Everything is alright except for the
fact that i am stranded here and unable to get back home due to the loss
of my wallet containing my credit card and all my money. That is the
more reason why i am writing to ask for a loan of $800 dollar from you,
to help myself get back home. I'll reinburse you at my return. I did
not come down here with any phone, because of the network diffrence.
Please see what you can do to help out of this situation. I promise to
pay back with interest. To get the money to me fast, use western union
money transfer to wire the money to me, i had used it before and affirm
it easy, convenient and quick
> to receive in any part of the world.
> My information to wire to :.
> Name: Nutan Thakur
> Address: 10B Etim Inyang Crescent
> City/Zipcode: Lagos/23401
> Country: Nigeria
> Email me the confirmation details After initiating the transfer,
> Note: You can get me on the hotel phone number +234 8094 825 644.
> Thanks
> Nutan Thakur



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