Tuesday, December 15, 2009

[rti_india] Request from Dr Nutan Thakur


Dear all :

Further to my hurried response .

Mr Bimal Khemani informs that

Dr Nutan Thakur is safe and sound and is in Lucknow only .

I am asking my contact friend in Lagos to check out whose number has
been given in the

post on this portal - supposedly a distress appeal from Dr Nutan Thakur
, who is probably

a journalist herself .

Mr Khemani informs me that a complaint for cyber crime/fraud has been
lodged with the

concerned UP Police Department . And that some one has hacked her email
/password .

Everyone is accordingly alerted .

Dr Arun Agrawal

PS: we should have discerned the fraud when a mention was made in the
post/appeal about money having been transferred out of India in the past
via Western Union which -as another member wrote - is not possible .

--- In rti_india@yahoogroups.com, Nutan Thakur <drnutanthakur@...>
> Hi Everyone
> Is me Nutan. I am writing to inform you that i am presently in lagos
Nigeria for a Program, and to also apologise for not informing you
before embarking on my journey. Everything is alright except for the
fact that i am stranded here and unable to get back home due to the loss
of my wallet containing my credit card and all my money. That is the
more reason why i am writing to ask for a loan of $800 dollar from you,
to help myself get back home. I'll reinburse you at my return. I did
not come down here with any phone, because of the network diffrence.
Please see what you can do to help out of this situation. I promise to
pay back with interest. To get the money to me fast, use western union
money transfer to wire the money to me, i had used it before and affirm
it easy, convenient and quick
> to receive in any part of the world.
> My information to wire to :.
> Name: Nutan Thakur
> Address: 10B Etim Inyang Crescent
> City/Zipcode: Lagos/23401
> Country: Nigeria
> Email me the confirmation details After initiating the transfer,
> Note: You can get me on the hotel phone number +234 8094 825 644.
> Thanks
> Nutan Thakur



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