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Subject: Re: [ACB_india] Re: [humanrightsactivist] Re : 'Charge SPS Rathore with murder' - Tandon BJP Ex-Minister
Date: Saturday, December 26, 2009, 4:08 PM


The general trend of the discussion on the subject suggests great turbulance in the minds of the citizen, and pessimism that anything significant will be done by the "system" to call all the entire chain of personnel, from police to CBI, to politicians, school that threw out Ruchica to the judges that did not apply/act according to laws and their judicial minds in good faith, responsible for the outrage to account.  I confess, I too belong to the pessimistic, having seen the "country" slowly but steadily slipping down the drain since "independence."  Some relief will almost certainly come Ruchica's way because of the huge outrage expressed by the media and the citizens ....... but will the laws be amended by those in power to do so ....... will the number of judges be tripled (or 5 times) to account for the 5 -fold increase in population since "independence" as recommended by the Law Commission several decades ago so that the justice system becomes speedy and cost-effective ...... will we ever develop and implement the concept of punitive damages, more specifically will we ever get a specific Law of Torts, especially against the state and its wilful and negligent agents ....... will we ever get judges that are properly selected, trained and evaluated and dumped/punished when errant ....... will we ever get a law that bars persons chargesheeted or against whom there is prima-facie case from standing for elections and/or from becoming burecrats ...... will we ever GROW UP?!!?

6 months and Rs. 1000 is not sufficient punishment / deterrent for all those who committed/abetted/conspired in a crime that took away a life, tortured and destroyed lives, tampered with and destroyed evidence, and SUBVERTED THE CONSTITUTION.  Yes, these persons are sworn to uphold the constitution?  Abetment to suicide and Rs. 10 lacs would not be sufficient, murder and Rs. 25 lacs would not suffice, BUT abetment + murder + waging war against the nation + (say) 5 crores against EACH co-consipirator/ abettor might set a good example.  Some friends have suggested that our "laws" do not permit punitive damages, but I am not aware that they bar such damages either.  But even if the laws do actively bar such punative damages, the responsible government should make good such damages/compensation in lieu of their wilful negligence and failure to perform their duty.

In some of my earlier posts, I had suggested that we should all jointly make a representation to the International Court for trial and punishment of the entire responsible chain of politicians and burecracy for mass and sustained genocide, for that is what the conditions in the "country" are.  In Timbuktoo (or whereever) they comit mass rape and genocide with guns, here we do so through corruption:  starvation, destitution, desolation and destruction.  Under the circumstance, it is not the naxals that are at fault .... they are just a symptom of the disease that is facing the nation.

Long Live Aradhana and her family.  May they replace the pygmies and become the next PM, HM, FM, etc.


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Dear Mr. Cooper,

I fully agree with all what you have siad but in India it is the person in the chair who hold the power. This is a typical case and look how many years it took to come to a close.
India claims herself to be a member of Human Rights of UN and also a democracy but when looks at all those years lost plus a young girl lost her life, I call it a case of murder should be registered against Rathore and he should be tried as a murders.
all the Ministers and his other officers including from a lowly sepoy should be also dragged into court and sent to jail.

What a travesty of the case that he only gets 6 months and comes out smiling and request court for leniency. Even the judge who gave him 6 months should be investigated as he has also abused his power. This is one case where no minister and all those involved must be brought to court and make this to teach that such abuse of power will not be tolerated but
wiull this happen in India, I doubt it.It is because a common man is scared of same thing happening to them.

The family can never recover the loss of their child and nation should not forget that such
RAVANS are still around as officer of the LAW who dont beleive in the Law themselves.

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Not only Rathore, but the entire burecracy, politicians and judges that aided, abetted and collaborated to cause the death of Ruchika, false cases against and the torture of her brother, harressment and hounding of her entire family, destruction of evidence, etc. must be brought to account.

I am not sure what the law book says, but I as a citizen entitled to justice and fairplay from the state and its agents, would expect the following, since more than just prima facie case has been established:

1.  Immediate administrative steps by the police, state and central agencies to strip him of all pension, provident fund, medals, citations, medical and other benifits; benifits;

2.  Freezing of all bank accounts, property;

3.  Immediate interim monetrary reliefs of compensation to the victims of the outrage .... not just in thousands, but in a few crores;

4.  Re-openining of the entire case AND naming as co-consiparators the entire range of burecrats, politicians and judges + the school that dismissed Ruchica.

5.  Jail + penelaties against each perporator of at least 50 lacs each to be awarded to the family (+ Aradhana for her expenses).

6.  An immediate and unconditional apology to the family & Aradhana by the top politicians and burecrats of the "country", and a compensation of at least 50 lacs each (they give compensation for railway and other accidents .... this is far more serious by a factor of hundred or thousand>)


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'Charge Rathore with murder'

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 25
Senior state BJP leader and former minister Balramji Das Tandon on Thursday said the Ruchika Girhotra case was in fact a case of murder and that former Haryana DGP SPS Rathore should be charged under Section 302 of the IPC. In a statement here, Tandon alleged Rathore was not only a direct culprit in the case, but was also responsible for harassing and tormenting the entire Girhortra family for many years. The leader said Ruchika's friend Aradhana Gupta, who took the case to its logical end with the help of her parents, should be honoured.



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