Friday, December 18, 2009

[rti_india] IC MA too frustrated at not becoming CIC ?


IC MA seems to be venting his frustration (on not being named as the CIC) on unsuspecting appellants:

1. The appellant has alleged that the information asked for has not been furnished to him.
The CPIO is directed to furnish the information , failing which penalty proceeding under section 20 (1) of the Act would be initiated.
2. The appellant is advised to ascertain the availability of information and accordingly re-submit the RTI application to the concerned CPIO , who may be the custodian of information . The desired information should be clearly specified as per section 2 (f) of the Act.
3. Both the parties are accordingly advised and the complaint is thus disposed of.

IC MA who believes in quoting the Mahatma in all his orders (at the bottom of every page) should at least try not to emulate Gandhiji's three famous monkeys:

"Hear no RTI Act, See no RTI Act and Speak no RTI Act" !




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