Friday, December 25, 2009

[rti_india] Re: [humanrightsactivist] Re : ‘Charge SPS Rathore with murder’ - Tandon BJP Ex-Minister


Not only Rathore, but the entire burecracy, politicians and judges that aided, abetted and collaborated to cause the death of Ruchika, false cases against and the torture of her brother, harressment and hounding of her entire family, destruction of evidence, etc. must be brought to account.

I am not sure what the law book says, but I as a citizen entitled to justice and fairplay from the state and its agents, would expect the following, since more than just prima facie case has been established:

1.  Immediate administrative steps by the police, state and central agencies to strip him of all pension, provident fund, medals, citations, medical and other benifits; benifits;

2.  Freezing of all bank accounts, property;

3.  Immediate interim monetrary reliefs of compensation to the victims of the outrage .... not just in thousands, but in a few crores;

4.  Re-openining of the entire case AND naming as co-consiparators the entire range of burecrats, politicians and judges + the school that dismissed Ruchica.

5.  Jail + penelaties against each perporator of at least 50 lacs each to be awarded to the family (+ Aradhana for her expenses).

6.  An immediate and unconditional apology to the family & Aradhana by the top politicians and burecrats of the "country", and a compensation of at least 50 lacs each (they give compensation for railway and other accidents .... this is far more serious by a factor of hundred or thousand>)


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'Charge Rathore with murder'

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 25
Senior state BJP leader and former minister Balramji Das Tandon on Thursday said the Ruchika Girhotra case was in fact a case of murder and that former Haryana DGP SPS Rathore should be charged under Section 302 of the IPC. In a statement here, Tandon alleged Rathore was not only a direct culprit in the case, but was also responsible for harassing and tormenting the entire Girhortra family for many years. The leader said Ruchika's friend Aradhana Gupta, who took the case to its logical end with the help of her parents, should be honoured.



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