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[rti_india] Report reveals States Poor RTI rating & MLa's Performance -- DNA Blore


Unpleasnt Facts
The findings of NGO DAKSHA show that karnataka Finished second last among the states in the implementation of Right to information act . lawmakers performance was equally bad as many kept away from assembly sessions and were least involved in the proceedings whenever they were present
The report on Review of democracy and performance of the Government of karnataka during june2008 to november 2009 released by Lokayuktha N santhosh Hehgde gives an insight into poor performance of MLAs
Here is another bolt from the blue to shake public trust in the elected representatives . Karnataka faiered poorly in the implementation of RTI Act
Karnataka scored 29% on the response satisfaction levels and finished second last among the states central and the national agencies Surveyed (on RTI implementation)
several departmental websites are not in compliance with RTI requirements Further Karnataka ranks very low in a a survey conducted by an independent NGO on the rate of satisfactory responses Said the report .
The figures collected by Daksha were based on a series of RTIs filed
Vikramsimha RTI activist said that in Bangalore there are only 3% of people who are Knowledgedbale about RTIs which he found during a dipstick survey conducted by Mahithi hakku adayayaana Kendra in September 2009 .
Language is a constraint while filing RTIs. Many bangaloreans born and brought up here do not know how to write in kannada whereas most of the official documents are in the local language. though RTIs can be filed in english many of them fail to interpret the information said simha
according to him the right questions need to be asked and they must be of larger public interest while filing an RTI application
N vikramsimha , KRIA Katte , #12 Sumeru Sir M N Krishna Rao Road , Basvangudi < Bangalore 560004.

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