Friday, December 18, 2009

[rti_india] "Redressal of grievances has no part in RTI Act" but it can definitely lead to drop in Penalty proceedings...



On that particular day (NBCC case day), there are 18 orders of IC MA which are completely copy/pasted from each other - all saying exactly the same thing that you mentioned (extract below).

But then, IC MA (oops aspiring CIC MA !!) comes up with a beauty - uses the same copy/paste to quash penalty proceedings which are already in progress:

The appellant expressed satisfaction in respect of the action taken and in providing information asked for by him, which relate to redressal of grievances of the appellant, an employee of the respondent. Since the matter relates to redressal of grievances and that the respondent have taken appropriate action in this regard, the penalty  proceedings is, therefore, dropped and the case is closed.

Maybe he is convinced that all three monkeys are now satisfied !


"6. The issues raised by the appellant pertain to redressal of grievances on service matters, for which there are no provisions in the Act. In the garb of seeking information, an employee should not take liberty of violating Conduct (Service) Rules, lest disciplinary action should be initiated by the employer."




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