Monday, December 28, 2009

[rti_india] My support for Ruchica, you and your family


Dear Ms. Aradhana:

I live far away from where you are.  Hence, I am unable to offer my support to you and your family in person.  However, my I am mentally there for your cause.  

Your fight for almost 20 years is a fight not just for Ruchika, it is for and on behalf of the entire nation, against a heartless system that is corrupted and corroded to the core.  We admire your and your family's selfless courage.  

Of course you and your advocates are the best judges, but to my mind the entire chain of personnel that conspired, aided, abetted and/or were otherwise instrumental in this saga must be brought to account.  The list would include not just the police, CBI, the school, but also the judges that failed to act judicially in good faith, and the politicians and burecrats that have been wilffuly negligent and have failed in their (constitutional) duty to give the nation a decent judicial, police and administrative system even after 62 years of independence.

I feel that for starters, the concerned politicians at the state and the center together with the burecracy can tender an immediate apology for this monstrosity visited on the hapless citizens on account of thie negligence and subversion of the Constitution and waging war on the nation by way of their failure to perform their duty over an extended period of 62 years.  I further feel that for starters, the center and state should award immediate monetary compensation of at least Rs. 5 crores for each affected person, and recover the same from the errant politicans and burecrats.

With my very best wishes,

Victor Cooper.



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