Saturday, December 19, 2009

Re: [rti_india] SPIO & CPIOs in the same Public Authority


With full respect to most of  you who have responded the post, please do not confuse yourself. All that the link provides is certain information on the RTI Act in general. You can take is as information provided "suo moto". Dena bank meant no harm as far as the contents on the page is concerned.
The SPIO / CPIO error is mainly clerical in nature. The subordinate staff of Dena bank did not bother to check its contents and used the usual "copy and paste" option in creating the page and hence the confusion. One must not react every time to such mistakes.
If you go to the bottom of the page, you will note that they have appointed an CPIO and and AA. There is no mention of any appointment of SPIO anywhere at the bottom of the page. Yeah, they have also put up a list of PIOs as well. But the term implies, that they have done the work in good faith. Dena bank has put up more information on their page, as compared to other banks. A few others havent even appointed their CPIO / AA while a majority have not completed their 17 manuals at all.
May I once again request all of you to concentrate on more important issues, like our moderators perpetual posts on "Responsible RTI".
Manoj Pai



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