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[rti_india] Fw: [rti-times] Predictions or hiding plans of the then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill proved to be true


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Subject: [rti-times] Predictions or hiding plans of the then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill proved to be true
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On March 11, 1942 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill made an announcement before the House of Commons regarding his plans to send Sir Stafford Cripps' Mission to India, from which at the first hand this was appears that Britain was intended to hand over the Freedom or transfer the Powers to India or Indians of it choices. Churchill announced interalia as follows:

"The crisis in the affairs of India arising out of the Japanese advance has made us wish to rally all the forces of Indian life, to guard their land from the menace of the invader. In August, 1940, a full statement was made about the aims and policy we are pursuing in India . This amounted, in short, to a promise that, as soon as possible after the war, India should attain Dominion status, in full freedom and equality with this country and the other Dominions, under a Constitution to be framed by Indians, by agreement among themselves and acceptable to the main elements in Indian national life. This was, of course, subject to the fulfillment of our obligations for the protection of minorities, including the depressed classes, and of our treaty obligations to the Indian States, and to the settlement of certain lesser matters arising out of our long association with the fortunes of the Indian sub-continent."


Here, important question was raised by Mahatma Gandhi by opposing the aforesaid British Plan, with teeth and nail, because that imposes a condition on us to accept British System of Democracy and Governance, though which was acceptable to Jawaharlal Nehru, since he was Power Monger. Can Indian Politicians, challenge the results are not according to hiding plan of Winston Churchill that Powers in India should be in the hands of the rascals, rogues and freebooters and they are low caliber and men of straw?  

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Subject: Predictions that proved to be true

Speaking on the eve of Indian Independence Winston Churchill said "Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues and freebooters. All Indian leaders will be of low caliber and men of straw."

In response to the policy of the Labour government toward India he said "Let the House remember this. The Indian political parties and political classes do not represent the Indian masses. It is a delusion to believe that they do. I wish they did. They are not as representative of them as the movements in Britain represent the surges and impulses of the British nation."

In his magazine 'Harijan' dated 24th May, 1942, Gandhiji wrote, "Under my proposal, they have to leave India in God's hands – but in modern parlance to anarchy, and that anarchy may lead to internecine warfare for a time or to unrestrained dacoities. From these, a true India will rise in the place of the false one we see".

The Indians and Indian politicians have proved that the premonition of Winston Churchill is true. 

Gandhiji's prediction of 'anarchy, internecine wars and unrestrained dacoities' is what we see today. 

Now, let us hope for Gandhiji's prediction 

'Rise of a true India ' to become true. 

Appayya Sastry Marla

Milap Choraria 
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