Thursday, December 31, 2009

[rti_india] Why is the moderator of this group getting special treatment at the CIC ?


Dear Mr Sarbajit,

It seems that you have either started a "free lubricant supply" business of your own or you have got into the good books of the CIC by floating a CIA (or Chinese) funded NGO !

How come CIC gives you special treatment and also ignores its own legal cell in the process ?

As per the following order of the CIC, your Complaint sent via email was taken cognizance of by the CIC:

Sh. Sarbjit Roy filed a complaint via email before the Commission alleging that UIDAI, constituted by the notification of the Govt. of India , hence being a public authority has not implemented the RTI Act, 2005 and he requested the Commission to give appropriate directions to the UIDAI to implement the RTI Act in its true spirit. The Commission issued notices to the CPIO, Planning Commission and DG-UIDAI to appear before the Commission.

This clearly contravenes CIC's own directions:

Agenda 1:- A note from legal cell as to whether a complaint  on an appeal received
through email is legally valid or should it be registered.
Commission directed that the citizens, filing their appeal/complaints on email be
advised to file their appeal / complaints online. They may do so by visiting the link
RTI Complaint & Appeal. This site is linked through CIC as well.
The officer of the Registry, who is designated for Public Authorities, may advise the
citizens regarding the same. Commission however clarified that the appeal/complaint
received through email cannot be registered unless filed online or otherwise.

Mr Sarbajit, as a initiator of the responsible RTI concept and in the interest of equitable awareness, please share with the group as to how are you suddenly getting such undue favors from the CIC ?

Note to CIC WH:

Sir, the writ of our Moderator is restricted to this Yahoo group, of which you are a member. However, on the 2nd Floor of the AK Bhawan, you are the Boss !

PS: Is it Sarbjeet or Sarbjit or Sarbajit ?

Confused RTIwanted



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