Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[rti_india] CIC hearings with respect to High Courts - CIC contravenes its own rules !


Mr Wajahat Habibullah
Chief Information Commissioner
Central Information Commission
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

RE: CIC Contravenes its own Rules !

Your attention is drawn to the following order of the CIC:


The matter was listed for hearing before Division Bench in view of
decision taken by this Commission in its Weekly Meeting that all
appeals and complaints filed against various High Courts should be
heard by a Bench consisting of two Information Commissioners.

However, it is surprising to note that in the following two matters,
related to Delhi High Court, the hearing has been conducted only
by yourself – alone:


If there has been a change in the earlier policy by the CIC, it should at
least be suo-motu disclosed under Sec 4(1)(b)(iii) and Sec 4(1)(c) of
the RTI Act.

In view of the larger public interest involved and to bring in transparency
in the working of CIC, can you please clarify the correct position of CIC
in this matter ?

Thanking You,



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